Kwabena Okai Ofosuhene, Founder of Abibiman Foundation, speaking at the celebration day of the African child event. Picture: CALEB VANDERPUYE
Kwabena Okai Ofosuhene, Founder of Abibiman Foundation, speaking at the celebration day of the African child event. Picture: CALEB VANDERPUYE

Network calls for peaceful 2024 elections

Political parties and candidates have been urged to resort to resolving electoral disputes through legal channels and not through violence.


They have also been urged to accept the results of the 2024 election. A network of NGOs, Institutions, individuals, traditional and religious bodies, known as the “Nkabom' -Stakeholder's Network (NSN), further entreated the media to be professional in shaping public perceptions, while committing to fair and unbiased reporting, avoiding sensationalism that could incite violence.

At a ceremony to mark the Day of the African Child organised by the Abibiman Foundation in Accra last Wednesday, the NSN urged the government to ensure that adequate security measures were put in place, adding that political leaders and influencers use their platforms to promote peace.

It further called on authorities to intensify education on the importance of peaceful elections, foster inclusive dialogue among political stakeholders and ensure that electoral institutions were robust, transparent, and impartial.

The event was on the theme “'Ensuring peace before, during and after 2024 Election - Our collective responsibility”.

Ensure peaceful elections

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Abibiman Foundation, Kwabena Okai Ofosuhene, explained the Network had introduced two projects to campaign for peaceful elections; “Nkabom- 16:16:31 Project” and “Nkabom - Gathering of Champions”.

“We are celebrating the DAC in Ghana with Elections - 2024 as our main backdrop. The day offers one of the major platforms to highlight the key issues and concerns confronting the African Child and get the various stakeholders to work together and address them,” he said.

He said the programme would engage stakeholders to promote political tolerance, peaceful coexistence and peace before, during and after Election 2024. He said that the 'Nkabom' - 16:16:31, a one-month project, to begin on September 14, was a media-oriented economic diplomacy roadshow and campaign, involving a 29-member-team  that would travel across the 16 Regions of the country.

The 'Nkabom' - Gathering of Champions, to be undertaken in October this year, would engage stakeholders to advocate a peaceful election which is pivotal in maintaining an environment for businesses to thrive.

The project would also be used to commemorate World Poverty Eradication Day, reflecting on the 19-year journey of the global campaigns against poverty from the Global Call Against Poverty (GCAP).

Collective responsibility

The Head of the Department of Public Administration at the University of Ghana Business School, Professor Albert Ahenkan, reiterated the collective responsibility of everyone to ensure that children grow up in a peaceful environment that nurtures their potential and protects their rights.

He, therefore, urged the government to prioritise allocating adequate resources to education, healthcare and child protection services.

Prof. Ahenkan said history had also shown that elections can be a flashpoint for violence and division and, therefore, encouraged youth-led organisations to participate actively in promoting peace and advocating for a peaceful electoral process.

“Our youth are not only the future leaders but also the current agents of change. We must empower them with the knowledge, skills and platforms to contribute to peace-building efforts,” he said. 

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