In support of Afari-Gyan: Tenant IPAC cannot become landlord!

BY: Samuel Koku Anyidoho
Dr Afari-Gyan
Dr Afari-Gyan

This is the concluding part of this article. The first part was published last Saturday, October 9 2021. then again, if the IPAC gets legal backing, what happens to the aspect of the Constitution that bars any individual/body from giving “instructions” to the EC in “doing its work?”

The voices that are claiming to love democracy so much that they want the EC to be at the beck and call of politicians; those politicians, have they opened up the space within their political parties for that kind of utopian democracy to fester unchecked?

How many of the political parties really get the base of their parties involved in hard core decision-making?

At the congresses where they effect changes to the constitutions, do parties really allow for deep and proper debates before amendments are made?

Do they not just go and throw dust into the eyes of the unsuspecting masses and ratify amendments that have already been made by Accra-based oligarchs on the blind sid