Mr Hassan Ayariga
Mr Hassan Ayariga

Focus efforts on fixing security — Hassan Ayariga

The Leader and Founder of the All People’s Congress (APR), Mr Hassan Ayariga, has asked President Akufo-Addo to concentrate his efforts first on strengthening security at home.

“Instead of travelling outside the country, the President as commander in chief ought to concentrate his efforts first on strengthening security at home,” he stated.

Sharing his thoughts on the governance process and political discourse in the country, Mr Ayariga said, “As commander in chief, one of the key mandates of President Akufo-Addo is to protect Ghanaians and their properties; this he is failing to do.”

According to the APC founder, the security of the Ghanaian and the state of Ghana were more important than any other interest.

“This is because when there is no security, people are scared to live in the country let alone investors coming to establish businesses,” he noted.

Instant justice
Mr Ayariga, therefore, urged the President to give the security agencies the power to deal ruthlessly with any person or group of persons who took the law into their own hands.

He explained that any group of people who meted out instant justice by lynching suspected criminals should be dealt with according to the law irrespective of their political affiliation, saying “Ghana belongs to Ghanaians and not any political party.”

“ When security is prevailing, investors come into the country and people believe and have trust in one another,” he stated, adding that was the meaning of democracy.

With the recent spate of events and happenings, democracy would not be said to be working, he noted.

Hand-over process
Mr Ayariga observed that there was no resistance in the hand=over process.
However, Mr Ayariga said presently, Ghanaians were fearful and scared to live in Ghana and to speak their minds.

“The most important factor of any nation is its security and when there is no security, the nation cannot achieve any meaningful development and people would cease trusting one another,’’ Mr Ayariga emphasised.

He said the change the country was witnessing was not the kind of change Ghanaians were promised.
“My appeal to the NPP is to manage the country well because Ghanaians are watching and we are not happy about the current events,’’ he stressed.

The Economy
On the economy, Mr Ayariga said even though it was a new government, Ghanaians wished it could do better than what ‘’we are seeing now’’

“Nothing good is coming out, for example the Eurobond was not managed well and there is trouble,’’ Ayariga said.

From the promises, Mr Ayariga said even a single dam had not been dug, however that was one of the easiest promises.

“How are they going to do the more difficult ones such as building a factory and rolling out the free senior high school programme,’’ he queried.

Laws must work
Mr Ayariga said the President should, therefore, sit up and concentrate on building the country.
He said it was one thing being in opposition and another thing being in government, saying the ruling NPP should stop acting as if it was in opposition.

“Laws must work and nobody should be allowed to put the laws into their own hands as it is happening currently.”

The President should use his power to outlaw lynching in the country since no one is above the law.
He warned that if mob action is not discouraged no one in the country was safe, and with a shout of ‘’ a thief’’ a person could instantly be killed.

Appeal to others
My Ayariga appealed to other political parties not to hesitate to offer constructive criticism and help NPP to succeed in their four year mandate to build a prosperous country since Ghana belongs to all of us.
He said it would be a disservice to Ghanaians to sit down and allow one political party ‘’mess up the country for all of us.’’

If all political parties sit unconcerned, a time will come when voting by Ghanaians would be a hard task because the country has been messed up because they refused to contribute positively to develop the country

He said the APC executives, led by him are currently touring the whole country to renew the tenancy agreements of the party’s offices as a means of developing and sustaining the party for future elections
Immediately after that the party would launch a series of campaigns, dubbed ‘’ Join the APC and pick a membership card, he concluded.


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