Akoto Ampaw: We'll study the written judgement first...

BY: Isaac Yeboah

Akoto AmpawA member of the legal team for the petitioners who sought to overturn the validity of President Mahama’s election, Mr. Akoto Ampaw, has indicated that it would be critical to read the full written judgements of the nine judges to be able to comment authoritatively on the outcome.

The court dismissed the petition and offered a very summarised version of the judgement before indicating that copies of the exhaustive decisions would be deposited with the court registry for further perusal.

While he expressed disappointment at the verdict, he reiterated the court’s decision, as read by the president of the panel, Justice William Atuguba that President Mahama was validly.

“We have no doubt that the case has raised very serious issues about accountability and the need for the electoral process to be clean of any violations henceforth,” he said.

The petitioners, he said, will advise themselves after studying the written judgements.

Mr. James Quashie-Idun, lead counsel for the Electoral Commission, was terse in his comments even as he wore a broad grin after the decision:

“We are very happy with the results, I think that’s all I can say, and the Electoral Commission’s work has been vindicated.”

Story by Isaac Yeboah/graphic.com.gh/Ghana