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Addison concludes re-examination of Bawumia

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

Counsel for the Electoral Commission Mr James Quashie-Idun as usual did not raise any objections but was quick to associate their stance with the other respondents anytime they objected.

The petitioners however were able to tender through Dr Bawumia, a list of 704 polling stations which they said they were no longer relying on.

Mr Addison had wanted the witness to tell the court how he arrived at his 11,138 polling stations to show there was no double counting and also deflate the assertion by the respondent’s counsel during cross-examination that the witness was dishonest.

But Tony Lither and Tsatsu Tsikata objected and said the issue of methodology was not relevant.

The objection was sustained by 5-4 ruling by the court.

Earlier Mr Addison had asked the witness whether it was true from his analysis as suggested by counsel for the respondents that he only used “favourable polling stations” but this was also objected by Tony Lithur, who said there was no ambiguity in the witness’ answer during cross-examination.

By a majority decision of 6-3, the objection was also sustained.

Mr Addison again had wanted the witness to identify 11 out of 20 polling stations which were on duplicated serial numbers but this was also objected.

The court said it had a record of the 11 identified polling stations.

When the court said it was reserving ruling on the last objection until after lunch break, Mr Addison said subject to the deferred ruling, he was done with his re-examination.