62% of Ghanaians not confident Govt can curb corruption - CDD survey

BY: graphic.com.gh
62% of Ghanaians not confident Govt can curb corruption - CDD survey

A post-election survey by the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) has found that some Ghanaians are not confident that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo led government will be able to curb corruption and impunity by its officials.

According to the survey, "while Ghanaians are split in their opinion on the government’s ability to ensure that rule of law is upheld, the majority, however, are not confident in the ability of the Nana Addo led-NPP government to protect the country’s financial resources and curb corruption in the next 4 years".

According to the survey, 62% of the respondents were "not at all or not very confident" about the capacity of the government to curb corruption and impunity.

The survey also found that the majority of Ghanaians want President Akufo-Addo to focus on five priority areas, namely; unemployment/infrastructure, roads, education, management of the economy and health in his second term.

As much as 57% of the respondents also want President Akufo-Addo to focus on job creation in this second term.


▪ Nationally representative sample of adult citizens
→ All respondents are randomly selected.
→ Sample is distributed across regions and urban/rural areas in proportion to their share in the national adult population.
→ Every adult citizen has an equal chance of being selected.

▪ Face-to-face interviews in the language of the respondent’s choice.

▪ Sample size of 2,400 randomly selected adult citizens.

▪ Given the sample size, the findings have a margin of error of ±2.0% at the 95% confidence level.

▪ Data collection took place from 23rd May to 3rd June, 2021.