Girl produces cotton-like tears

Manasi sheds cotton tears every day
Manasi sheds cotton tears every day

Residents of Pachkhura village in India have been thrown into a state of shock for the past two weeks after an 11-year-old girl started producing 35 to 40 small white pebbles believed to be cotton from her eyes every day.

Manasi, a sixth-grader from the village of Pachkhura, apparently started producing the strange “white cotton” in the form of tears on August 25.

Her condition could be likened to other bizarre stories which were reported in the past of two young girls one of whom shed stone tears always, while the other produced solid white crystals from her eyes for more than 20 years.

Manasi’s father, Gendlal Kevat, and the village folks are convinced that she is possessed by a ghost or spirit.

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In view of that, the villagers have been avoiding the girl and her family ever since word got out about her condition, fearing divine wrath from the gods.

Her parents are also superstitious to the extent that they don’t want to consult an ophthalmologist to check the condition of the girl.

But days after the local doctor came to check the situation, he has recommended the condition to a professional doctor.

Meanwhile, some doctors in India said Manasi’s condition could be the resultant effect of the lack of Vitamin D or the fact that those discharges are allergic reactions that sometimes manifest themselves as white discharge and thread coming out of the eye.