Vegetarian Festival ends in Accra

BY: Emmanuel Ebo Hawkson
Some food items on display at the festival

The 10th annual vegetarian festival ended in Accra on Sunday, with a call on the public to eat more vegetarian diet to avoid contracting certain lifestyle diseases.

The President of VegGhana, Dr Kofi Asare, who made the call, said diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and most of the cancers were caused by the type of food people ate.

“The food you eat today will build your body tomorrow and the best solution to a healthy and stronger life is vegetarian diet,” he said.



The two-day event, organised by the Vegetarian Association of Ghana (VegGhana), was held on the theme: “Go Green, Go Organic and Save the Planet.”

The programme was used by the association to educate the public on vegetarian foods and healthy diets.

As part of the event, there was an organic vegetable market, organic soaps and cosmetics and a food preparation workshop led by vegetarian chefs.

Visitors to the festival, who were not vegetarians, also had the opportunity to interact with members of VegGhana to learn how to become vegetarians.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Dr Asare, who is also a wellness consultant, stated that the unhealthy lifestyle of Ghanaians was a bane on the country’s resources, adding that “Ghana could cut down on its health budget if people take good care of themselves.”

A vegetarian and founder of the Democratic People’s Party (DPP), Mr Thomas N. Ward-Brew, said being a vegan was the best health decision anybody could take.