Scottish lecturer raises £10,000 for Pantang Psychiatric Hospital

Author: Daily Graphic
Mr Michael Brennan presenting the cheque for the Pantang Hospital overseas payment to Ms Sarah Horsburgh, Manager of the Bank of Scotland, Morningside Branch, Edinburgh

A retired Scottish lecturer has donated £10,000 to the Pantang Psychiatric Hospital in Accra to help renovate and upgrade some facilities at the hospital.

Mr Michael Brennan had volunteered as a nurse teacher at the hospital in 2011 and 2014, having retired from lecturing in mental health nursing at the University of the West of Scotland, following which he decided to raise funds to support it.

Improving the hospital

A statement signed by the acting Director of the Pantang Hospital, Dr Frank Baning, said Mr Brennan had spent the last 15 months campaigning and raising funds in the United Kingdom to support the hospital.

He said the funds were to be used specifically to renovate and upgrade Ward 3 of the hospital in order to improve the living conditions of the many patients residing there.

“Ward 3 is a busy admission ward in a fairly poor state and in desperate need of renovation, refurbishment and upgrading in order to improve the care delivered to the patients who live there.

“It is hoped that the donation of £10,000 will help make a significant difference to conditions at Ward 3, as well as serve to improve the overall standard of nursing and medical care at the hospital,” it said.

It said the donation was one of the largest ever made to the hospital in recent times and was accredited to the hospital’s account at the Bank of Ghana. 

To ensure efficient use of the funds, the statement said, management had constituted a committee to oversee the implementation of the projects.

Raising more funds

It said Mr Brennan spoke highly of the warmth and hospitality of the people of Ghana and most importantly the thirst for knowledge and skills shown by the staff during his visit.

“Both of his volunteering periods there proved to be incredibly rewarding and enormously satisfying. He discovered a compassionate approach to care within the facility but was perhaps most impressed by the real thirst for knowledge and skills evidenced by all of the staff at the hospital,” it said.

The statement expressed gratitude to all, including the congregants at the Borxburn Parish in Scotland and other local donors who generously donated towards the worthy cause.

In the months ahead, it indicated, Mr Brennan plans to continue his fund-raising venture in order to tackle an adjoining rehabilitation ward at Pantang which is also in a very poor state. 

“His intention is to return to the hospital next year for a further period of volunteering in order to see for himself the difference the fund-raising has made,” the statement added.