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Test trial of sea wave power begins

• Mr Tommy Hansson (middle), Supervisor, explaining how the turbines will work to the officials from the Ministry of Power.

Test trial of the first phase of power generation using energy from the sea waves in the country will begin next month.

The test trial will start with eight megawatts of power and systematically increase until it reaches the intended 1,000MW by December 2015.

Installation works on the six-power generation converters at the Ada Estuary in the Greater Accra Region are about 85 per cent complete.

The wave-powered systemwill generate power which will cost less compared to Ghana’s current power sources which include hydro and thermal energy.

Power generation

Briefing the press on the project at Ada last Friday, Mr Anothy Opoku, the Chief Executive Officer of TC Energy (the company undertaking the project), said the wave-powered System would produce 14,400 kilowatt an hour per day, which would come from the six wave turbine units.

He explained that the US$3.5 billion power generation plant would be placed under the sea at the Ada Estuary, where the tidal wave is very high, for the pressure emanating from the waves to be used to generate power. 

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“We do not use oil or gas. We only use the waves from the sea and once the initial capital is set in place, the installation proceeds,” he added.

Laudable concept 

The Chief Director of the Ministry of Power, Mr Stephen Doku, said the project was good in terms of generating power without using gas or oil.

“This is the first time we are using this technology and hope that it will resolve the power crisis in the country,” he added.

A Board Member of the technical committee of Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Dr Kingsley Appiah Kubi, said the project was part of the electricity company’s decision to engage power producers to generate sufficient power for consumers and businesses across Ghana.