Rotary Club of Winneba to the aid of University Primary Inclusive School

BY: Isaac Yeboah
Rotary Club of Winneba leadership change hands
Rotary Club of Winneba leadership change hands

The Rotary Club of Winneba will this year raise GHȻ25,000 to construct a customised, disability friendly 3-seater KVIP lavatory for the University Primary Inclusive School at Winneba.

The project which was announced Wednesday at the handing over ceremony of the mantle of leadership from the past executives to the new executives at the Windy Bay Guest House in Winneba, is the flagship initiative of the newly elected president of the club, Dr Yaw Offei.

According to Dr Offei this was borne out of the dire circumstance of a JHS 2 pupil, who became wheelchair bound at a tender age and struggles to use the place of convenience used by his peers.

According to him, it is about time persons living with some forms of disabilities such as the pupil get an appropriate avenue for convenience in Winneba and its surrounding areas.

Rotary club of Winneba
The Rotary Club of Winneba was founded in 2017 by the Rotary Club of Accra Labone to facilitate and enhance the development of projects in Winneba and its surrounding areas.

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Its first president Rotorian Justice Cudjoe ended his reign on June 30, 2018 and at the handing over ceremony, he entreated Dr Offei to make good the gains of the nascent club.

Dr Yaw Offei
Dr Offei promised to continue projects that were initiated by his predecessor such as Dustbins for Schools and Hand-washing basins for schools projects.

He vowed to take Rotary Club of Winneba to the next level and ensure it becomes one of the most important clubs of the 98 clubs currently in the country.

John Majisi (MP for Krachi Nchumuru)
The Member of Parliament for Krachi Nchumuru, John Majisi who was the special guest of honour at the event lauded the efforts of Rotary International for complementing government’s efforts and implementing various projects in needy communities.

He noted that the plight of the disabled in the country is pathetic and added that society’s attitude towards persons with disabilities is uncalled for and scornful.

Mr Majisi cited the example of the Israel parliament, Knesset, where he encountered five disabled persons who were members of Parliament and were well taken care of and provided with all their needs and wants. He noted that Ghana must adopt such a model from Israel and other nations who provide adequate and proper care for the disabled.