Police officer shares life experience with Nima girls

BY: Felicia Kwarteng

The Director of the Counselling unit of the Ghana Police Service, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Phyllis Ama Tebuah Osei, has encouraged girls to hold on to their dreams in the midst all the challenges they face.

"We live in a male dominated world in most working places, but it is important to hold on to your dreams even when the challenges become difficult,” she said.

Sharing her life story with the girls in Nima to mark International Women’s Day on March 8, ACP Tebuah Osei asked them to let go of their fears and allow themselves to be used as vessels to change the perception about the community they live.

The event dubbed Girls Empowerment initiative was organised by the Centre for Women in Development and Public Policy, a Non-Governmental Organisation, in collaboration with Achievers Initiatives.

The police senior officer stated that most dreams and aspirations are cut short because of the perception people hold about the community they find themselves but noted that when they plan ahead, they achieve their dreams.

“Do not allow yourselves to be defined by the community you find yourself in, but rather allow yourselves to be vessels of change in the community you are. I grew up in Nima as well but I strived to make it without allowing the community to limit my dreams or cut them short, same way you should also dare to make a difference in your community”, she stated.

The programmes manager of the Centre for Women in Development and Pubic Policy, Ms. Gloria Kankam encouraged the girls to open up themselves for opportunities while pulling themselves up to occupy spaces at higher heights at the right time.

“Keep worthy friends and create good networks with the great people you come across> Remember not to limit yourself with your educational achievement but open yourself up for opportunities and brace up yourselves to occupy greater spaces when you come across it”, she told the girls.

A retired diplomat Ambassador William A. Awinador-Kanyirige stated that in an attempt to get the right mentors to help them in their career paths, most girls do not choose the right mentors.