Pay attention to your skin - Public advised

BY: Theresah Esson
A lady being given a facial treatment
A lady being given a facial treatment

Beauty treatment experts have advised the public, particularly women, to give prominence to the facial glimpse of their bodies.

This is because facial is primarily a way of improving the look of the skin; however, the body’s natural processes can dull facial skin, leaving the skin constantly sloughed off dead cells.

Such dead cells could clog pores and give the skin an aged look, just as daily exposure to the sun and other elements could also take a toll on the skin.


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The Director of Gokals Limited, a dealer in pharmaceuticals and other products, Mr Shyam Gokaldas, was speaking at the launch of a herbal and facial kit in Accra.

The product, ‘Charm and Glow’ herbal facial kit, helps the skin to recover from daily stress and fatigue.

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The content of the pack is a five-step treatment that includes a cleanser, scrub, massage cream, face pack and rejuvenating and fairness cream.

It is made of natural elements such as carrot, tomatoes, lavender and orange and are carefully packaged to make it convenient for travellers.

Mr Gokaldas observed that many women followed the trend of wearing facial make-up which posed threats to the skin and even cancer in the future.

According to him, before applying make-up, it is proper to use a herbal facial kit or herbal ingredient such as tomatoes, lemon and lavender to treat the face.

“Usually, women first cleanse, massage and apply the make-up. This is professionally wrong because the basic purpose of a facial is to improve blood circulation with the help of massage techniques and to also cleanse the skin thoroughly to prevent any breakouts while allowing the skin to breath by opening the pores,” he explained.

Mr Gokaldas said the product was to help people, particularly women, to bring out the natural beauty in them.

Facial kit

For his part, the Business Manager of the company, Mr Nitin Mehrotra, said the facial kit would ensure that the stratum corneum, which is the outermost layer of the visible skin, renewed itself every 28 days by replicating new healthier cells to give a better complexion.

He, therefore, recommended that people should have professional facial treatment in every three to four weeks, adding: “For those who are experiencing frequent breakouts or tend to have oily skin, they have to get an anti-tan or acne removal treatment.”

Mr Mehrotra further stated that application of orange to the face would work as a toner, remove dead cells and dirt and tighten pores.
He mentioned natural ingredients such as lavender, which he said contained powerful antioxidants that could fight harmful effects of pollutants and also inhibit the growth of skin bacteria that cause acne and inflammation.

“Almond also helps in whitening the skin by removing scars. It also nourishes and rejuvenates the skin and helps to reduce wrinkles, while tomato is useful for brightening the complexion and reducing sun tan marks on the skin,” Mr Mehrotra added.