No life worth losing for victory – Obasanjo, Mkapa appeal to Ghanaians

BY: Daily Graphic
General Olusegun Obasanjo, Mr Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania
General Olusegun Obasanjo, Mr Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania

Two former African presidents have appealed to political leaders to ensure that they do not inflame the ambers of anger, distrust, mistrust, abuses, insults, acrimonies and other tendencies that can mar the election process in the immediate preparations, during and after the elections. 

“We believe that all Ghanaians, particularly Ghanaian political leaders, share our view that no single life is worth losing in an election for any leader to claim victory or to be a loser,” the two former leaders, Mr Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania and General Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, said in a joint statement.

Rule of law

The statement said the two former presidents believed that the rules and regulations and the legal processes provided in the electoral laws of Ghana were good enough if observed by all parties to ensure peaceful and credible elections in Ghana on December 7, 2016. 

“We are pleased to learn that all the political leaders have come together and agreed to a peace accord, and to keep to the terms of the accord and code of conduct that will ensure no violation of the rules, regulations and laws of the elections, and that all the leaders will abide by the ruling of the Electoral Commission of Ghana,” it said. 

The statement expressed the conviction of the two eminent leaders that even if there were grievances, “such grievances will be pursued through the legal processes established by law without resorting to violence, acrimony and disturbances by any individual, political party or group of individuals.” 

Fledgling democracy

It noted that such was the best way to advance democracy in Africa and particularly in Ghana.  

“As concerned leaders in our different countries and in Africa, we believe that it is appropriate and fitting at this point in the process of democracy in Ghana and the upcoming elections to express our good wishes and brotherly solidarity for all the people of Ghana for peaceful, free, fair and credible elections.” 

“We believe that all Ghanaian leaders from all political parties will do nothing to impede or adversely set back the democratic process in Ghana.”

“We wish all our brothers and sisters in Ghana very peaceful, free, fair, credible and fully participatory elections to continue to set a good example of sustainable political stability for the rest of Africa,” the statement added.