Nii Laryea Botwe II, Nungua Dzaasetse addressing the press
Nii Afotey-Agbo installed Chief of Katamanso

Nii Afotey-Agbo installed Chief of Katamanso: Process is legitimate — Nungua Dzaasetse

Former Greater Accra Regional Minister and Member of Parliament for the Kpone Katamanso Constituency, Nii Laryea Afotey-Agbo, has been installed as the Chief of Katamanso under the stool name Tatse Nii Laryea Akuetteh X.


The installation ceremony took place last Sunday [June 2].

He succeeded his father, Nii Otu Akwetey XI, after acting in that capacity for the past six years due to the ill health of the
substantive chief.


However, in a twist of events, a group from Katamanso, led by one Seth Otu Okley, has questioned the reasons behind the installation
of a new chief when the substantive one is still alive.


The Nungua Dzaasetse, Nii Laryea Botwe II, has dismissed the claims by Mr Okley and stated that the nomination and installation of Nii Afotey-Agbo as the Chief of Katamanso was customary and legitimate.

Nii Laryea Afotey-Agbo (left) was installed as the Chief of Katamanso under the stool name Tatse Nii Laryea Akuetteh X on Sunday.

Addressing a press conference organised by the Nii Mantse Adjin Clan of Nungua last Tuesday, hecautioned persons and groups
challenging the legitimacy of Afotey-Agbo’s installation to desist from the act or face the consequences.

In attendance at the press conference were the Principal Head of Nii Mantse Adjin-We, Rexford Nii Odai Laryea Dziwili, Osabu Wulormor and Nii Mantse Adjin-We Kingmaker, Numo Botwe Atiakpeh, Nii Mantse Adjin-We Kingmaker, Jonathan Nii Anum Afotey, Tenpong Mantse and Nii Mantse Adjin-We Elder, Nii Atiakpeh Largbelor, Kwei Dornu Mantse, Nii Kwei Dornu.

Others were Katamanso Goyiteng Elder, William Afutu Bortey, Katamanso Kooweley Elder, Enoch Afotey, Domeabra Manye, Naa Afoley Tenmor I, Kwei Dornu Manye, Naa Aforkai Walaworfor II and Odikoman Manye, Naa Korklu Onanani II.

Some Queenmothers  and Wulormoi at the press conference

Nii Laryea Botwe II explained that the former chief, Nii Otu Akwetey XI, recently passed on but traditionally the family was not allowed to announce such sacred information to the public, hence the installation of a new chief to oversee the funeral and burial


Nii Laryea Botwe II explained that as the Nungua Dzaasetse and kingmaker, he together with the rightful family heads had the sole right to install a legitimate chief to occupy the Katamanso Stool.

“It is worth putting on record that the said Seth Otu Okley is not the head of family for the Nii Mantse Adjin-We quarter of Katamanso, neither has any of his purported members been nominated or affirmed as kingmakers of the Katamanso Adjin-We quarter. The only authorised kingmakers of both Nungua and Katamanso Adjin-We are from Nungua Nii Mantse Adjin-We Clan House,” he stated.

Some of the Kingmakers of the Nii Mantse Adjin-We Clan of Nungua at the press conference

“The authorised kingmakers of Nii Mantse Adjin-We hereby wish to say that the enstoolment of Tatse Nii Laryea Akuetteh X, known in private life as Joseph Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo, also known as Lion, went through due process and is now the substantive chief of Katamanso who has taken over from Nii Otu Akwetey IX."

“The entire Nii Mantse Adjin-We kingmakers of Nungua and Katamanso hereby affirm that the enstoolment which took place over the weekend was lawful and customary as deemed by the tenets of our tradition in Nungua of which Katamanso forms part,” he added.

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