Let’s all help to develop Volta Region : Dumega Okudzeto

BY: Gabriel Ahiabor
Dumega Raymond Okudzeto (right), addressing the gathering.

An elder of the Anlo State, Dumega Raymond Okudzeto, has called for dialogue among all stakeholders from the Volta Region to find a lasting solution to the development problems in the area.

He said the absence of economic infrastructure in the Volta Region continued to hamper development, a situation, he said, must not continue to be ignored as the region had enormous natural and human resources.

Dumega Okudzeto made the statement at Atokor during the annual New Year meeting with chiefs, youth leaders, stakeholders, businessmen and investors from the area, to deliberate on ways to harness the development resources of the region.


He underscored the need to open a serious dialogue channel with all stakeholders, especially with the government to put across the proposed economic projects that had been conceived.

“For several years we have tried to get our ideas to the higher authorities but some individuals and officials had blocked our genuine moves to contribute our quota to the efforts of the government”, Dumega Raymond indicated.

He further indicated that lack of jobs for the people of the region, especially the youth, continued to create tension between the people and the traditional leaders as they were being accused of not being proactive in job creation.

“We need not sit down to be overwhelmed by agitations from the youth. We have to sit up and get our own people who are capable of investing to come and help augment the efforts of the government,” he stated.

Speaking on behalf of the chiefs, elders and the youth of the area, the Awadada of Anlo, Togbi Agbesi Awusu II, expressed his gratitude to the people of the area for upholding the peace.

He bemoaned the lack of communication among investors, chiefs, land owners and the youth and asked for coordinated efforts to facilitate accelerated development in the area.

The meeting also discussed the delayed Keta harbour project intended to be built on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) bases, a ‘Silicon Valley’ type of computer hub in the region.