Know the top-ranking media channels and brands in 2023

Know the top-ranking media channels and brands in 2023

Kantar's Media Reactions 2023 report has uncovered the attitudes of consumers and marketers to ad platforms and channels.


The annual study, now in its fourth year, is based on interviews with around 16,000 consumers in 23 markets and 900 senior marketers globally. The report unpacks trends from the past four years and how to brave this fragmented media battleground, where digital pervades real life, and parts of real life have retreated into virtual worlds.

Amazon is consumers’ preferred ad platform for a second year in a row

Amazon has once again taken the title of consumers’ most preferred ad platform. Most consumers consider ads on Amazon to be relevant and useful, with few negative qualities. Despite not being one of the top five favourite platforms for marketers globally, Amazon is building trust among this group – with a 10% year-on-year rise in trust scores. The e-commerce giant also tops the charts in Brazil, Germany and Mexico, three of the 23 markets included in the study.

Marketers will cut ad spend on X in 2024

Hot on the heels of Elon Musk clipping the wings of the most famous blue bird on Earth, the new Kantar research reveals the extent of the collapse in trust in the social network among marketers: Net 14% of marketers now say they will reduce their ad investment on X in 2024 rather than increase it.

YouTube tops the charts for marketers

Among marketers, YouTube has leapfrogged to the top of the charts, improving trust by 6% compared with last year. The rise of YouTube demonstrates marketers’ preference for established brands, even if it does not register in consumers’ top five platforms.

TikTok now the world’s most attention grabbing platform

The report tells us there's few areas where consumers and marketers are in agreement but TikTok is a hit with both: making it officially the world's most attention-grabbing ad platform. The ByteDance owned app features in the top five preferred ad platforms for both marketers and consumers and is also voted by both groups to be the single best ad platform for capturing attention – which many research studies have proven helps to build brands and drives sales.

Top-ranking media brands

Revealed: the top-ranking media channels and brands in 2023

This year’s analysis also reveals that “in-person” touchpoints dominate consumers’ preferred channels – with sponsored events taking the lead for the second year in a row. The rest of the top five also comprises channels that are experienced in-person, including cinema ads, point of sale, and out-of-home/digital out-of-home.

Top-ranking media channels

Revealed: the top-ranking media channels and brands in 2023

The study shows there’s significant contrast between marketers’ and consumers’ most preferred channels, with marketers inclined towards newer channels while consumers prefer channels that cause the least interruption to their lives.

TV or not TV?

Notably, TV, the traditional lynchpin of ad campaigns, is absent from the ranking of marketers’ preferred ad channels this year. While TV has never been rated highly among consumers, it has historically performed strongly among marketers. However, it has fallen from third place in marketers’ preferred channels last year to 12th place in 2023, and TV sponsorship has fallen from 12th place to 20th. Just 6% of marketers say they will increase TV spend in 2024.

“While TV as a preferred channel is waning amongst global marketers, it remains the glue that holds ad campaigns together in South Africa. However, load shedding is disrupting the status quo and shifting attention to online channels. We also see South African’s appetite for e-commerce growing, driven by trust in those channels,” comments Nuala Harris-Morele, managing director, Media, sub-Saharan Africa, Kantar.

The marketers’ mindset

The Kantar Media Reactions 2023 survey of around 900 marketers around the world also quantifies how trends and changes in the media landscape shape their attitudes. Key highlights include:

  • The Metaverse continues to be an unfulfilled promise – In 2022, a net 61% of marketers claimed they would increase spend in the metaverse, but only a net of 12% actually did. In the 2023 study, only one in five (22%) state they will raise their budget for Metaverse advertising next year.
  • Twitter, the end of an era – X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, has suffered reputational damage among marketers, the research shows. X, the latest incarnation of the platform, does not feature in the list on marketers’ top five preferred ad platforms. A decline in perceptions of innovation (now 16%, down from 28% in 2021) and trustworthiness (now 7%, down from 11% in 2021), is accompanied by a net 14% of marketers saying they will reduce their ad investment on the platform in 2024.
  • The race for attention – Marketers continue to invest in channels that consumers don’t think are attention-grabbing. For marketers, influencer content is king in terms of delivering attention, but it doesn’t make the top five for consumers. Furthermore, a staggering 50% of marketers do not see attention as important as brand or sales outcomes, despite the evidence that it helps build brands and drives sales. According to the study, cinema ads, sponsored events and digital out-of-home are among the few channels that both consumers and marketers believe are attention-grabbing. Both groups are in agreement that TikTok is the most attention-grabbing media brand.

Top media brands per market

Revealed: the top-ranking media channels and brands in 2023
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“Successful advertising today seamlessly integrates into consumers’ lives: in their scrolling, viewing or simply while they go about their days. This year, consumers have spoken up and said they strongly prefer advertising that they see out-of-home, like at sponsored events or the cinema. So why is there such a huge mismatch between the advertising consumers enjoy and what marketers are spending their precious budgets on? We know advertising campaigns are seven times as impactful among receptive audiences, so for marketers, it’s crucial to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different ad platforms and invest their money where it will make an impact,” concludes Gonca Bubani, global thought leadership director, Media, Kantar.

Download your copy of the Media Reactions 2023 study.

About Media Reactions 2023 – Kantar has been researching media experiences and perceptions for over 20 years. Media Reactions combines consumer and marketer studies for a complete view of the current media landscape and how to navigate it. The 2023 survey spoke to around 900 marketing professionals from advertiser, agency and media companies around the world. The consumer survey is based on around 16,000 interviews in 23 markets (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Japan, KSA, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Taiwan, UAE, UK, USA, and Vietnam).

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