Gyampoh appointed first African Technical Editor of TLT

BY: Daily Graphic
An engineer and lubrication specialist, Gyampoh Mintah Gyampoh
An engineer and lubrication specialist, Gyampoh Mintah Gyampoh

An engineer and lubrication specialist, Gyampoh Mintah Gyampoh, has been appointed Technical Editor of the Tribology and Lubrication Technology (TLT), a scientific journal, for a year.

The wear, friction and lubrication engineering specialist, technically known as tribologist, will also serve for the same period on the Editorial Advisory Board of TLT, the official monthly publication of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE).

Tribology is the science of wear, friction and lubrication.

Mr Gyampoh is the first African to serve in the dual roles of the organisation.

“Thanks be to God. I’m indeed humbled and elated about these honours and to put it mildly, shocked. This is because the process of selection is very rigorous and thorough but I am grateful to God I made it,” he said of his appointment.

“However, after the cloud of excitement settles I do understand the immense responsibility to deliver to pave the opportunity for other Africans of repute to serve the tribology and lubrication engineering world and to bring to bear our expertise in technological advancement,” he added.

Role of technical editor

Mr Gyampoh said the role of the Technical Editor was to create three story ideas — a feature article which should be an in-depth exploration of a technical aspect in one of his areas of expertise which is gears and gear lubrication; the other two being aviation lubricants and synthetic lubricants.

Additionally, he has to nominate an engineering personality in the field of tribology and lubrication and set the agenda and question for a 20-minute question and answer session.

The role will also see him performing what is known as ‘Sounding Board,’ which is short survey of the membership of STLE.

This is to elicit opinions, recommendations and information relating to a topic that most or all of the magazine’s readership can address.

Mr Gyampoh expressed the hope that his new role would put Ghana on the map of cutting edge innovative problem solving that would benefit and impart the tribology and lubrication engineering profession positively.

Furthermore, he said he looked forward to whipping up interest in tribology and lubrication in Ghana by engaging in talk shows, seminars and workshops and to break it down to the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) fraternity.

He said it was also important to develop the interest in tribology and lubrication from the schools to practising engineers and professionals.


The STLE was established on March 3, 1944. It is a professional technical society that provides education, technical research and professional development through courses, events, programmes, periodicals and practices in tribology and lubrication engineering.

Its core focus is to advance the field of tribology and how to mitigate the impact of wear and tear by solving the problem and effect of friction.