Graphic organises health screening September 10

BY: Juliet Akyaa Safo
Front view of the Graphic Clinic at Adabraka
Front view of the Graphic Clinic at Adabraka

The annual health screening exercise by the Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) and its partners is to enable beneficiaries to know their health status to help them seek early treatment, the Resident Medical Officer of the Graphic Clinic, Dr Jacqui Barnes, has said.

For instance, she said, there was growing incidence of hypertension, with many victims unaware or undiagnosed of the disease.

However, she said, people who would patronise the Graphic health screening exercise at the refurbished Graphic Clinic at Adabraka on September 10, 2022 would be able to know their status.

Patrons would be screened for diseases such as diabetes, anaemia, malaria and blood pressure for them to know their status and seek further attention, if need be, or be advised on how to maintain healthy lifestyles to avoid contracting the illnesses, she added.

They would also be given medication for the conditions that needed immediate treatment, while those needing follow-ups or referrals would also be scheduled.

“In clinical care, we are shifting more towards preventive measures because more lives and cost can be saved, and that is what the Graphic health screening exercise will seek to do on September 10,” she added.

According to Dr Barnes, the exercise was the company’s way of giving back to society, particularly its immediate community.


The GCGL has been organising the health screening exercise for the people of Adabraka for over a decade now, as part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the company.

This year’s exercise is in collaboration with Medgraph Compound Pharmacy and Laboratory, in partnership with Gokals Healthy Optionz, a subsidiary of the Gokals Group of Companies, which will conduct eye screening at the event.

The theme for the exercise is: “Your health, our concern”.


Dr Barnes further said it was crucial for people to know their health status in order to seek appropriate health care.

“That is why we will educate people on preventive measures, while urging those with existing diseases to continue with their treatment to prevent complications,” she added.

She encouraged the public to participate in the exercise, saying the advantage in this year’s programme was that beneficiaries could go for further check-up at the Graphic Clinic.

The Business Development Manager of Medgraph Compound Pharmacy and Laboratory, Benjamin MacArthur, also said his outfit would provide a full range of medical laboratory series to ensure proper diagnosis and management of various medical conditions.

He said it had a well-equipped laboratory and a pharmacy to see to the needs of patrons who would participate in the exercise.

For his part, the Business Development Manager of Gokals Healthy Optionz, Samuel Yeboah, said its partnership with the GCGL was in line with its CSR.

“We have observed an increase in eye-related cases, such as glaucoma and cataract, and that is why we believe the exercise is worth participating in,” he said.