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Grand Lodge presents X-ray machine to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

BY: Timothy Ngnenbe
 Mr Isaac O. Hood (left) presenting documents covering the equipment to Dr Felix Anyah
Mr Isaac O. Hood (left) presenting documents covering the equipment to Dr Felix Anyah

The Urology Department of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) has received an X-ray machine valued at $42,000 from the District Grand Lodge (DGL) of Ghana, an affiliate of the United Grand Lodge of England, as part of its 300th anniversary.

The c-arm Flouroscopic X-ray machine will help in the effective treatment of all forms of kidney stones by ensuring that medical officers are able to monitor the kidney stones in every location.

Mr Isaac O. Hood, the District Grand Master of the Lodge led a delegation to present the documents of the machine to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the KBTH, Dr Felix Anyah, yesterday.

Current situation

Currently, extreme cases of kidney stones are referred to South Africa and India at an estimated cost of about $10,00 but in Ghana, it can be done at GH¢2,000,” the head of the Urology Department of the KBTH, Dr James Edward Mensah, indicated.

“Every single week, we operate three patients with kidney stones at this facility because the incidence of that disease is increasing. The facility has been over booked so as of now, we cannot admit people again, except it is an emergency where we have to take out someone who has already been on the list and replace with those in critical condition,” he added.

Dr Mensah said there was an increase in the cases of patients with kidney stones, especially among people whose work confined them to offices.

He said the commonest causes of kidney stones was failure to drink enough water, as well as living a sedentary lifestyle.

“We are seeing most of these cases among bankers and it is amazing. We are worried about this trend because kidney stones can predispose patients to other infections that are fatal. It can also damage the kidney permanently if the stone is not removed in good time,” he indicated.


The acting Director of Medical Affairs at the KBTH, Dr Frederick Kwarteng, called for public private partnerships and support systems to ensure that the required equipment are supplied to the hospital.

He said the government alone should not be left with the burden of meeting the increasing demand for modern equipment at hospitals.

For his part, Mr Hood gave an assurance that the DGL would continue to support the hospital to respond to the healthcare needs of the public.