Police investigate Ghana Gas security man over assault

BY: News Desk Report

The police are investigating a 46-year-old security man at the Ghana Gas Company Limited in Takoradi, Maclean Kofi Tettevi, for allegedly assaulting a businessman, Mr Godfred Tettey Zevor.

Maclean assaulted Zevor when the latter went to collect GH¢4,500 the suspect owed him.

According to a source, Maclean, who was then residing in Accra, had approached the businessman to seek financial assistance to enable him to execute a supply contract he had from the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GHAPOHA).

Zevor, it said, was able to raise GH¢10,000 for Maclean on February 11, 2021, to be paid back later.

“After getting the contract and executing same, Maclean refused to settle the loan in full, with interest, as he agreed earlier,” the source said.

The source said after months of promise-and-fail, Maclean eventually agreed in August this year to settle the loan.


Unfortunately, it intimated, when August ended, the businessman’s attempt to reach Maclean on phone failed, as he (Maclean) had blocked the businessman’s number.

Maclean, it said, then relocated to Takoradi, where he had gained employment as Assistant Manager of Ghana Gas.

However, through the help of some family friends, Zevor visited Maclean on September 2, this year, with the view to collecting his money.


Initially, Maclean was said to have verbally assaulted Zevor for reporting him (Maclean) to his father, Rev. Francis Chubby Tettevi. He then followed up with a hefty blow to Zevor’s jaw.

While the businessman was reeling on the ground, as a result of the blow, Maclean drew pieces of wood from the back of his vehicle at Zevor.

According to the source, Maclean then took Zevor’s mobile phone, pair of sandals, gold necklace and pair of spectacles and smashed them on the ground, destroying them instantly.

The source said Zevor, aided by some Good Samaritans, reported the matter to the police, who issued a medical form for him to attend hospital.

The police, it said, followed up the following day to arrest Maclean, but he presented a paper supposed to be a COVID-19 positive test, which, according to indication, was supposed to have ended on September 12, this year which prevented the police from effecting arrest.

The Takoradi Central Police Crime officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Saviour Ahiamadi, who confirmed the story to the Daily Graphic, said investigations were underway.