CalBank launches network for female employees

CalBank PLC has launched CalWomen’s Network as a demonstration of its commitment to foster an inclusive and supportive environment for all female employees. 


The initiative aligns with the Ghana Sustainability Banking Principles, particularly Principle 4, promotion of gender equality and the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles. The Network is designed to serve as a platform for mentorship, professional development and leadership opportunities for female colleagues within the organisation.

It aims to provide a platform for women within the organisation to connect, collaborate, share resources and grow both personally and professionally. The launch also saw to the inaugural induction of the executives of the newly formed CalWomen’s Network. 


The Board Chairman, Joe Mensah, said the network aimed to create an inclusive environment where every staff could thrive, lead and innovate, adding that the bank recognises the value women bring to the institution and the financial sector at large.

The initiative, he said, should not be seen as just a women's issue but as an organisational imperative requiring the engagement and support of the entire CalBank family. "When we bring together individuals with varied backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints, we unlock creativity, enhance problem-solving and drive innovation. This network is a crucial step in harnessing that power,” he added.

"To the women of CalBank, I say this: Your voices matter. Your ideas are valuable. Your leadership is crucial. This network is a testament to our belief in your potential and our commitment to supporting your growth and success," he added.

He, therefore, urged the women to embrace this initiative to break down barriers, challenge biases and create opportunities. The Acting Managing Director of CalBank PLC, Carl Asem, said when women pursued collective goals with mutual benefits, opportunities were explored to produce excellent results.

He encouraged all women in the network to participate fully in the activities offered, saying “this engagement would be crucial in evolving and upgrading their skills and enhancing their professional development.”

He acknowledged the efforts made and expressed his gratitude to the team for their dedication in making the vision of the CalWomen’s Network a reality. 

Corporate culture

The Managing Partner, AB &David Africa, Isabel Boateng, emphasised the importance of building a corporate culture that supports gender equality and diversity. She said the advancement of women in leadership roles make sound business sense, saying "clients are increasingly considering gender inclusivity when selecting who to bank with, who to act as counsel and who to buy from.”

She said women’s presence in leadership roles was not just beneficial but essential for business strategy and market competitiveness.

Ms Boateng, therefore, called for a need to establish company-wide goals and targets for gender equality, promoting flexible work programmes, and creating a culture that addresses the challenges faced by both women and men.

Sharing her personal experiences, she emphasised on the importance of self-awareness and growth saying “being honest with yourself on who you are is paramount. Embrace their strengths and weaknesses and move beyond their mistakes, saying “as women, we must shine in our unique ways, leverage our gifts and experiences to empower themselves and others.”


The President of the Executives of the CalBank Network, Anita Nadia Attah, said they were committed to shaping a future where gender equality and professional success go hand in hand.

She said the Network would create an inclusive and welcoming space for women in the bank to create meaningful connections, build knowledge and expand their spheres of influence.

She said the network would implement mentoring programmes, talk and learning series, workshops, breakfast meetings and hobnob moments. 

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