Fathers are safeguards for nations - Rev. Markwei

BY: Rosalind K. Amoh
Rev. Dr Ebenezer Markwei
Rev. Dr Ebenezer Markwei

The General Overseer of Living Streams International, Rev. Dr Ebenezer Markwei, has reiterated the importance of fatherhood, stressing that a nation without responsible fathers is doomed.

He said if fathers failed to live up to their roles and responsibilities, the nation would be bereft of historical caregivers.

“Fathers are crucial in every family setting, and to the society. Their importance is reflected in the spiritual responsibilities that God has given to fathers.

"The fact that God made fathers the head of the family just as Christ is the head of the church stresses the important role they play. All through scripture, the responsibility of raising future generations have been with fathers, and it is even more relevant now,” Rev. Dr Markwei said in an interview with the Daily Graphic to mark Father's Day, which was marked worldwide yesterday.

Role, importance

Explaining the important roles of fathers, Rev. Dr Markwei said the last chapter of Malachi in the old testament of the Bible spoke about God’s concern about the heart of fathers and that of their sons.

He said absentee fathers were a menace to society as they offered no role models for sons to emulate.

“All over this nation, we hear of things that make us raise our eyebrows. If you go into the history of some of these acts being perpetrated, you will see the absence of fathers, and this no doubt has an impact on the society at large.

“Fathers relate to us by the hand and by the feet. By the hand, they protect us; by the hand they direct us; by the hand they give us celebratory pats on the shoulders, and by the hand they discipline us.

“By their feet, we sit to be taught, and by the holding of their feet, we learn the requirements for mercy. By their feet, they teach us the steps to walk towards the fulfillment of purpose.

“A father can talk all he may want, but if he doesn’t marry his talk with his walk, he leaves a contorted picture for sons to follow.

“These are the essential rudiments of fatherhood, and no one can deny that these are the essential requirements for good citizenship,” he stressed.

Celebrating fathers

Rev. Dr Markwei said while happenings within the church and outside it with regard to father-children relationships were worrying, many fathers had also done very well in playing their spiritual and physical roles, and those needed to be celebrated.

"Though it is a spiritual responsibility placed on us, it is important to celebrate and commend those who are playing their roles well so as to serve as an encouragement for them to do more.

“Let’s enjoy the hosanna, but beware of the cross we also have to carry. To fathers everywhere, I doff my hat to you. And to all, I say let’s pray for fathers.

“On this day, I rise to join the noise that fathers need to be honoured. They are an important ingredient in our society, and that needs to be celebrated. At the same time, I say fathers must also rise up to their responsibilities,” he intimated.