Dr Ami-Narh expresses regret for neglecting church heroes

BY: Samuel Tei Adano
   The monument after it was unveiled at the Apostolic Resource Centre at Frafraha by the leadership of the church
The monument after it was unveiled at the Apostolic Resource Centre at Frafraha by the leadership of the church

The President of the Apostolic Church-Ghana, Apostle Dr Aaron Ami-Narh, has bemoaned the neglect of heroes who sacrificed to stabilise the church since its inception in 1935.

He said it was just and befitting to honour forebears and the living who toiled to bring the church to its current status.

Dr Ami-Narh was speaking at a service to honour more than 2,000 family members of forebears and retired ascension ministers at Frafraha in Accra.

According to him, “we believe you have felt neglected and forgotten in the past, and rightly so, for not much has been done by the church to appreciate you” like the chief butler in the court of Pharaoh, we also admitted our faults this day and thank God for the opportunity to make the necessary amends”.

The heroes

Dr Ami-Narh told the gathering that he had been looking for the opportunity to honour the heroes of faith and service in the kingdom of God and added, “we did this with mixed feelings of appreciation and regret, but since it is a day of celebration, we want to forget or roll away the cloud of neglect and give all our attention to celebrating you in a befitting manner”.

In paying tribute to these heroes and their spouses, President Ami-Narh reiterated that, “though we failed to honour them, the God you served and still serve has not forgotten them“.

Forgiveness for the church

The former medical practitioner, Dr Ami-Narh, said it was the right time to appreciate them in a humble way and to ask for forgiveness and the blessings of the fathers.

In a very emotional mood, he said, “this is an apology for not treating you well and give you the honour due you, and not to repeat what we did to the fathers”.

He knelt before the families of the deceased and asked for forgiveness of sin of omissions and commission against the fathers who had the zeal for the kingdom business.

The gesture caused invitees who could not hold their tears to freely allow it to roll down their cheeks while others sobbed openly.

Presentation of awards

The President of the Apostolic Church presented awards to the families of deceased and surviving leaders of the church since 1985 when the church in Ghana was granted autonomy from the United Kingdom administrative authority.

They were Aps. Austin Ofori-Addo, Aps. J A C Anaman, Aps. S L Adotey, Aps. Peter Atta-Antwi, Aps. James Ghartey, Aps. A K Anderson and Aps. S P Mamma.

The rest are Evangelist R. O. Hayford, Prophet N. Yamoah, Aps. P Nyarko-Jones, Aps. A Kyaw, Aps. B. A Mante-Adu, Aps. M. E Kissi, Aps. E Aboagye-Atta, Aps. D. K Boateng and Aps. Julius Senuvie.

Rev. Prof. Frimpong-Manso unveils monument

In a related development, the President of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, Rev. Prof. Paul Frimpong-Manso, expressed deep gratitude to the leadership of the Apostolic Church-Ghana for honouring heroes of the faith.

“ You have to remember the farmer when you eat palmnut soup”, he stated.

He cautioned the Christian community and ascension ministers not to forget the retired ministers among them.

Rev. Prof. Frimpong -Manso, who is also the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God church, said “ heaven has recorded this day and God will do something new through the Apostolic Church-Ghana in the country”.