Commercial drivers protest high fuel price

BY: Getrude Ankah Nyavi
Drivers protest high fuel price
Drivers protest high fuel price

Some commercial drivers on Wednesday hit the streets of Accra to protest against what they say are rampant increases in the price of petroleum products in the country.

Fuel prices have seen increases over a year without commensurate increases in transport fares, a situation they describe as unfair and harmful to their business.
The demonstrating drivers from the Concern Drivers’ Union, True Drivers ‘Union, VIP, the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana and the Ghana Importers Association therefore called on the government to immediately reduce taxes on petroleum products or meet the wrath of drivers in the country.
Clad in red, the demonstrators numbering about sixty held placards some of which read, “This is not what you promised”, “Wake up Mr. President”, “Kill the Killer taxes”, “2016:14:00, 2018:20: 00”, “Nana Stop galampsey in our pocket”, among others.
A planned demonstration by the group last year was scuttled by the police after the drivers insisted on using their vehicles for the procession.
But, addressing the media after walking though the principal streets of Accra, the Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana, Mr. Duncan Amoah said Wednesday’s demonstration was to caution the government of worse things to come if nothing is done to address their concern.
He added that they will hit the streets again next week with their vehicles in a procession if the government does not address their grievances in the State of the Nations Address to be delivered on Thursday by President Akufo-Addo.
“We are saying that we are tired of the rampant fuel increases. You wake up in the morning it’s gone up, by evening it goes up. Monday it goes up, Friday it goes up. We are saying that we are unable to plan our pocket any more. Fuel alone is taking all our money.”
“Now we cannot afford to buy the fuel. Formerly we were buying the fuel at GHS14.00 and now the fuel is GHS20.30 and we cannot afford it that’s why we are demonstrating”, he said.

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