Chartered Accountant who killed children confirmed insane

Naomi Nana Blay, the suspect, being escorted by a police officer to the police station - See more at:

Ms Naana Bray, a 45-year-old former accountant with the National Commission on Culture, who killed her two young daughters, had been confirmed mentally retarded by a hospital report from the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital to the Essikado Police Station.

The woman is believed to be suffering from schizophrenic disorders, a condition she suffered after the delivery of her second daughter, now deceased,  a family source confirmed.

According to Mental Health Experts, Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that affects the way a person behaves, thinks, and sees the world.

People with this brain disorder often have an altered perception of reality.

They may see or hear things that don’t exist, speak in strange or confusing ways, believe that others are trying to harm them, or feel like they are being constantly watched which can make it difficult to negotiate the activities of daily life and thereby withdraw from the outside world, or act  in confusion and fear.

When the Ghana News Agency visited the family house on Tuesday morning, family members were still in a state of shock and agony,  and could not come to terms with the incident.

Ms Naana’s senior sister, who stayed in the same house with the woman, narrated the incident to the GNA and  said the woman together with the two children went for early Morning Mass at the Essikado Cathedral after which they retired home in the afternoon.

The sister continued that the two girls after lunch lodged in her room and watched television until the mother (mentally deranged) called them to come to their apartment to sleep.

She said the children over the last three years have been staying with this woman who gave them all the love and care children needed. She often took the children to the park to exercise, to the beach to swim, and took them for a walk.

“She will allow no one to take care of the children. She loves the children so much and will not allow anybody to take them away from her, so we agreed as a family to let the children stay with her as part of the healing process,” the sister added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Paxx Afadze-Yamson,  a senior  brother,  has debunked media reports that there was a court order to take the children from her which made her kill all two girls, adding, “No court has ordered anybody, not even the husband, to pick up the children.”

He explained that the husband together with the woman’s family under the supervision of Legal Aid,  agreed that the woman took care of the children until a certain age before any transfer.

Meanwhile, Chief Inspector Rock Hukportsi, Commander of the Essikado Police Station told the GNA that the station had also received exhibits in the form of identity card and a transfer letter from Ankaful to the Essikado Hospital for her bi-monthly medication to be tendered in court.