Bui Power CEO builds Innovation Centre for community

BY: Biiya Mukusah Ali

An innovation Centre, constructed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the Bui Power Authority (BPA), Mr Fred Oware, in the Bui community of the Banda District to help whip up the interest of the youth in the study of science, technology and robotics, has been inaugurated.

The centre: Fred Oware Innovative Centre (FOIC), was established to offer assistance to community members, especially the youth within the Bui enclave, to experience hands-on learning in creative development and technology.

The centre has developed courses to enable participants to discover and realise their creative ideas and unearth their potential to succeed in a fast-growing technological world.

The FOIC has facilities such as Information Communication Technology (ICT) and robotics laboratory, science laboratory, library and kitchenette as well as washrooms.

The various facilities are equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment such as computers, laboratory apparatus and a variety of books, among others, to enhance teaching and learning.

Enrolment criteria

The FOIC is opened to individuals who are willing to explore, show immense interest in the programmes and determine to aspire to bring positive change in their area.

The participants are expected to undertake courses such as “Introduction to ICT”, “Thinking your career for your life”, “Statistics”, “Design and Apply Thinking”, “Entrepreneurship and value creation innovation”, among others.

The centre is also expected to offer pupils at the BPA Basic School an opportunity to undertake their ICT and science related practical exercise.

Science, technology

Speaking to the media after the handover ceremony, Mr Oware explained that the world would soon run on technology and robotics and emphasised the need to prepare and inculcate science and technological knowledge in students at the primary level.

“If we are offering the local people education, the basic should be in science”, he stated, explaining that that was his motivation to establish the centre in the community he had served for the second term.

Mr Oware explained that he prioritised science and technology because it was the faster and easier way of doing things, adding that robotics was to replace some of the human activities to speed them up and improve the standard of living.

“And at the primary school when you teach pupils to use robotics to solve everyday problems, you excite their understanding of science and help them to be abreast of the terms, tools and equipment involved in science and technology”, he stated.

On behalf of the chiefs and people of the Bui Dam project affected communities, the Chief of Bui, Nana Kwadwo Wuo II, enstooled Mr Oware as “Nkosouhene” (development chief ) with his stool name Nana Oware Ababio, for his generous contribution and achievements in the area.    

Science key to development

The Board Chairman of the BPA, Mr Afare Apeadu Donkor, emphasised that for the country to develop, there was a need to train the youth in science, technology and robotics.

He said that the future of the country depended on science and technology, saying "this notion led to the construction of this innovative centre, which was solely funded by Mr Oware as a permanent legacy for the people of this community".

Mr Donkor explained that the centre when maintained would be one of the greatest benefits to the host communities and the nation as a whole.

He assured Mr Oware of the board’s commitment to ensure the maintenance sustainability of the centre after his exit as CEO.

Mr Donkor said they would ensure that BPA set aside funds and resources to maintain and further develop the centre.

"It is our resolve that his legacy will continue and outlive Mr Oware's tenure because of the immense benefits it has for the people of this community", Mr Donkor said.

He thanked Mr Oware and some employees of BPA from the host communities who had also donated educational items and books to support the centre.