Book on hospitality industry launched

BY: Rejoice Lavinia Eklu
Book on hospitality industry launched
Book on hospitality industry launched

A book detailing the practices and regulations in the hospitality industry has been launched to promote sanity in the industry.

The 296-page book, titled “Law Guide for the Hospitality Industry” constitutes frameworks that guide both operators and guests in the tourism enterprises to uphold good values and conducts.

The author of the book, Ms Heughette Amma Asante said the book was aimed at promoting discipline and development in the industry.

Ms Asante who spent about 30 years in the industry observed that there were common mistakes, such as negligent misrepresentation in the industry that could be avoided if one was abreast with the etiquettes of the industry.

“You cannot be in a business and you will not know the law that regulates your industry. You have to know the law to guide you and to know what you stand for,” she said.


Launching the book in Accra on Wednesday (November 17, 2021), the Technical Advisor to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Professor Gabriel Eshun applauded Ms Asante for the initiative.

He said it was important to set laws for guidance, saying “having laws means we have the standard to ensure that there is some semblance of excellence”.

He further enjoined Ghanaians to appreciate and be good ambassadors of the country.

“When we have the opportunity let us say something good about Ghana,” he said.


For his part, a Columnist of the Daily Graphic, Mr Enimil Ashon who reviewed the book said it “could not come at any time than this time when the industry is vibrantly developing”.

“From page one to the last, it is knowledge after new knowledge after shockingly new knowledge.

He encouraged Ghanaians to adopt the culture of reading to deepen their understanding of issues, adding that “every book is a search for knowledge”.


The Director Operations at the Ghana Tourism Authority, Mr Michael Kpingbi who represented the CEO of the Authority, Mr Akwasi Agyeman said the law guide would augment effort to promote the growth of the industry.

“Where there is law there’s discipline and peace and where there is peace, development would thrive,” he said.

The President of the Ghana Hotels Association, Dr Edward Ackah-Nyamike Jnr for his part recommended the book to not only industry players but to lawyers, teachers and students.