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Sat, Sep

Assin Kushea launches 4-year development programme

Nana Prah Agyensaim, the Paramount Chief of Owirenkyiman, and a representative of the Muslim community in the Central Region arriving at the durbar ground

The Paramount Chief of Owirenkyiman Traditional Area, Ehunabobrim Nana Prah Agyensaim, has launched a four-year development programme dubbed “Kushea opening 2020” at a ceremony of the chiefs and people of Kushea in the Central Region. Kushea is the capital of the traditional area and has a population of about 8,000. The inhabitants of the town are mainly farmers.

The plan for opening up Kushea covers a number of areas, including education, health, tourism, finance, agriculture and employment.

One unique thing about Kushea is that the various quarters of the town are called ‘wards’, instead of calling them by traditional names. It is also one of the neatest communities in the Central Region.

Nana Agyensaim said the development plan was projected to create wealth for the people of Kushea,  adding that by the year 2020, the town would have a day-care centre, a junior high school, a library and an educational fund established to support students from the town who qualify to enter tertiary institutions.

In addition, he said the University of Cape Coast was planning to establish a department of one of its faculties in the town.

On tourism, Nana Agyensaim said he was hopeful that by 2020, the town would be noted for its tourism offers, including a botanical garden and other establishments.

He added that a maternity ward currently under construction in the town was expected to be completed soon.

Touching on employment, the paramount chief said there were plans to create employment for the youth of the town in the areas of honey and poultry production.

Nana Agyensaim also noted that in order to have a youth better prepared for the future, schoolchildren in Kushea would be provided with an egg per day beginning from March this year.

A representative of the Muslim community in the Central Region, Mr Mahmoud Dandey Mazawajay, lauded the programme and urged the people of the town to lend it their support.