Annisaa Foundation holds marriage seminar

Author: Suleiman Mustapha
Dr Nasiru Issahaku, Governor of Bank of Ghana, inaugurating a new website for the foundation

Annisaa Foundation, an all-female group which aims at improving the livelihoods of Muslims, has held its maiden “couples networking” seminar in Accra.

The event brought couples together in a fun-filled and relaxed atmosphere.

Speaking on the theme for the occasion: “Striving towards a happy and fulfilling marriage in Islam”, a retired Chartered Banker, Madam Azara Haroun, said Islam supported marriage and saw it as a religious duty required of every Muslim and described the institution as a moral safeguard and an indispensable responsibility.

“The general purpose of marriage is for both sexes to provide one another company, love each other, procreate and live in peace and tranquillity as Allah has commanded,” she said.

She observed, however, that while some Muslim couples had found joy in their marriage, there were many others who were having a miserable time.

Loving for Allah’s sake

Madam Haroun recommended that couples make the love they have for each other and obedience to Allah the focus of their relationship.

She urged Muslim couples to first of all seek love that would last beyond this lifetime into the hereafter where they would live in eternal happiness, having earned Allah’s satisfaction. 

“This means that when you love someone, they remind you of Allah and help you get closer to him” she said.

Communicate like best friends

She further reminded the couples to communicate with each other as best friends both in good and bad times.

“Happy Muslim couples talk as best friends in good times and in times of conflict. In good times, they joke, laugh, share ideas, complement each other, respect their spouse’s right to hold different opinions and learn from each other’s opposing viewpoints.

“Even in anger, happy loving Muslim spouses never give up love and respect for each other; this is the key to staying happy in your marriage,” she advised.


The Annissa Foundation also inaugurated a website for the organisation on the occasion. 

The Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr Nasiru Issahaku, commended the women for the bold initiative and urged them to use the site to educate Muslim women on the need to seek knowledge, be alive to their civic responsibilities and also learn how to be skilful in their businesses.