Agricultural Manufacturing Group poised to help farmers increase yield

BY: Daily Graphic
Mr Ernest Akwesi Appiah— Managing Director of AMG Limited
Mr Ernest Akwesi Appiah— Managing Director of AMG Limited

Agricultural Manufacturing Group (AMG) Limited, an indigenous producer and distributor of enhanced crop nutrition performance fertilisers, has indicated its readiness to introduce new operational programmes tailored to improve the lot of farmers.

The firm said it would step up the distribution of its advanced agrochemicals and farm inputs to small and large scale farmers, together with crop nutrition strategies that guarantee high yields, through the adaptation of cost-effective crop nutrition varieties.

The Managing Director of AMG Limited, Mr Ernest Akwesi Appiah, who disclosed this in an interview with the Daily Graphic in Accra, added that the company would deepen the technical know-how of farmers in applying fertilisers to improve yields and boost food production.

That, he said, would strengthen the quality and depth of input supply and related services along the agricultural value chain while increasing the productivity of Ghanaian farmers.

Tailored solution

He said his outfit was working to inspire high farming yields in the country with its array of products and programmes for farmers.

Some of its products marked for enhancing efficiency of crops include Cocoa Nti, a 100 per cent cocoa fertiliser enriched with plant nutrients capable of sustaining the lifespan of cocoa trees, producing high yield and productivity; N.P.K Glycine Mix, a nitrogen-laden product that induce high yields in soyabeans and peanuts; and
NPK 25-10-10+TE, which offers high source of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in cereal production.

He added that the company had at the disposal of Ghanaian farmers Risocorn, a foliar crop nutrition product designed for the production of rice, sorghum and corn.

Mr Appiah said AMG, which had been operating since 2012, had steadily grown to become a pacesetter in the country’s agricultural sector, with an expansive nationwide distribution network.

Commitment to industry growth

The managing director of AMG indicated that the company was supporting Agri-house Foundation, an organisation focused on growing agribusiness in the country, to rollout a national subsistence farming enterprise known as, ‘1 household, 1 garden’ initiative, designed to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on food accessibility.

The firm, which offered a piece of land and other agro inputs to help the project thrive, believes the initiative would drive a national home gardening agenda to help ensure a liberal supply of quality food to Ghanaians.

It will ensure the provision of staple vegetables such as fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pepper, onions, beans, beetroots, cabbage, okra, carrot and cucumber.

Youth in Agric

Additionally, the AMG managing director said the company was set to attract and involve more youth in the Planting for Food and Jobs Programme in partnership with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

By that partnership, Mr Appiah said, AMG would be working directly with the Ghana Agricultural Sector Investment Programme to provide inputs (seeds, fertilisers) to youth and farmer groups as well as associations across selected agrarian regions for production.

Plans for continued impact

In a bid to consolidate its grip on the local agricultural sector, AMG, Mr Appiah added, would create more specialised plant-nutrition solutions for farmers.

“This approach, along with the firm’s in-depth industry know-how, will help ensure the continued growth of the entire value chain,” he stated.

Furthermore, AMG has channeled significant resources into the creation of 10 warehouses across the country to enhance product storage, thereby guaranteeing a seamless supply of products to farmers.

The firm, which currently employs about 200 personnel and about 5,000 indirectly, says it would roll out plans to significantly improve and provide a transportation system that would help to cart agricultural inputs across the country to improve accessibility.