11 things to avoid putting on social media if you want that new job
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11 things to avoid putting on social media if you want that new job

What people post on LinkedIn is likely very different from what they post on other social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn is used to highlight professional skills, experience and success stories; it's the reason recruiters use the platform to connect with individuals who may be interested in a vacancy.

With that said, it’s safe to assume that if a hiring manager is going to snoop through your social media profile, it will be your LinkedIn account, right?


What social media platforms do hiring managers look at?

LinkedIn is only the second most popular social media platform used by hiring managers as part of a recruitment drive. A survey by DBS Check Provider, CareCheck has revealed that Facebook is the most popular choice, with 79% of those surveyed using it as part of the hiring process.

LinkedIn was the next most popular option, used by 51% of hiring managers they spoke to. Twitter came in third with 50%, followed by Instagram being used by 44% of those surveyed. Tik Tok was the least popular option, used by only 17% of respondents.

How many employers check social media before hiring?

Care Check surveyed 1,005 UK-based recruitment managers, and just shy of half of them (48%) stated that they carry out social media checks on candidates when hiring. Of those surveyed, male respondents (55%) were more likely to take this route than female hiring managers (43%).

How does your social media affect your next job?

What you post online can directly affect your chances of success when applying for a new job, particularly if the person or people leading the interview actively check your profiles before meeting you.

If you don’t want social media to ruin your chances of job success, refrain from posting about the following, which, according to Care Check, puts hiring managers off candidates:

  • Drug use - according to 58% of those surveyed
  • Racist comments - according to 57% of those surveyed
  • Sexist or homophobic comments - according to 52% of those surveyed
  • Negative posts regarding previous employers - according to 50% of those surveyed
  • Swearing - according to 37% of those surveyed
  • Images of, or references to alcohol consumption - according to 36% of those surveyed
  • Openly discussing your dating or sex life - according to 31% of those surveyed
  • Poor spelling and grammar in your posts - according to 23% of those surveyed
  • Engaging in political debates - according to 22% of those surveyed
  • Promoting a side hustle - according to 13% of those surveyed
  • Inactive accounts - according to 2% of those surveyed

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