Youth bridge to enhancing SDGs on education - OhemaaTalks

BY: Graphic reporter

A youth development centre, OhemaaTalks Ghana, has said that it is bent on enhancing the Sustainable Development Goal 4 on Education to support education development in the country.

It is for this reason that the centre, optimistic of spearheading the agenda of supporting Ghanaian students in their quest to develop more skills and build their careers, has held a career conference for the youth in Accra.

The event, aimed at guiding students and youth at large to develop soft skills in information technology and technology that will facilitate their career growth, saw many young people partaking in skills training that would help them in the future.

According to Nana Aba Frempong, the founder of OhemaaTalks, this will enable the young ones compete well in the global market.

“We stand to get intentions from both local and international companies. This is to basically make sure we can give the young people an opportunity to grow, get them young, groom them to understand the ethos of the working environment.

“Taking advantage of Black Lives Matter and also with the pandemic, companies are allowing people to work globally. So, for example, I work in the UK but I’m here in Ghana and also running this initiative. So, really asking companies to put their mouths where their money is and say they are ready to offer virtual internships to young people and then Ghana can also compete globally with other people,” she said.

Veteran actor, David Dontoh, who graced the occasion, explained that such initiatives are important because they enhance the human capital of every nation.

“What we are forgetting is that every nation’s first resource is the human being; no matter what resources you have, no matter what capabilities you have as a person, if you as the first resource, you are not trained to begin to think like a human being, everything you do actually bothers on how animals behave and that is why we always say, what are pearls before swine,” he said.

The OhemaaTalks Initiative is poised to poised at supporting the growth of the Ghanaian youth to compete in the global space.

OhemaaTalks also aims to bridge the gaps present in the educational system in Ghana, ensuring that students are equipped with enhanced soft skills to compete in an ever-growing global market, while embodying strong cultural identity.