Worldreader updates content to include sex education, career tips

BY: Ruby Efe Ani-Adjei

Education  is currently taking a new turn, as people do not have to be seated only in classrooms to be taught.

In an attempt to satisfy curiosity and give easy access to the basic information which answers the need of those who cannot go any extra mile to find that solution, Worldreader has now updated its content to include sex education, pregnancy care, biographies, career tips, information about HIV/AIDS and all the must know tit bits on self-care.


The initiative is aimed at making quality education more fun, easily accessible and less costly to the ordinary citizen who uses a mobile phone.

Worldreader content


Worldreader uses an application optimised for inexpensive mobile phones to reach children, families and adults on devices they already own.

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This is a low cost approach that severely reduces the cost of transporting books to their final destination by relying on the increasing ubiquity of mobile infrastructure to transmit books electronically. It is also an incredibly effective way of enabling readers to read more, better.

With a cloud-based library of over 2,400 free books across multiple genres, levels and languages; featuring high quality reading material created to attract and retain users, World reader now has a best-in-class Java & Android book app with hundreds of thousands of readers every month across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In partnership with biNu, Worldreader has developed patented technology that effectively delivers a smart phone experience over 2G networks to feature phones and low-end Android devices.

Using extreme data compression and cloud-based processing, people with inexpensive feature phones can now read books and stories on Worldreader Mobile with 'smart phone-like' speed and negligible data costs. It is truly revolutionary and empowering.



Founder's mission

In an interview with Graphic Online, the founder of Worldreader, Mr.David Risher, explained that he got the idea for this system of education when he came across a closed library years back.

He said, he later found out the children refused to go there because the books were outdated and hardly related to their daily interest.

With his understanding of the importance of education, he sought a means to reach children all over the world with current interesting books through a less costly means; hence the invention.

He said the programme had been successful, and urged publishers to come on board to help educate children in a more simplified way in order to secure their future.