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Mon, Dec

Papaye celebrates brilliant schoolchildren

Mr Akwasi Agyeman (left), the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), presenting certificates and prizes to some students of the Starward School in Accra during the ceremony

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Papaye Fast Foods, Mr Divine Asiedu, has appealed to the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service (GES) to revise the academic syllabuses used in basic schools.

He said that would improve the knowledge and skills of children to prepare them for the increasing demand of the globalised and competitive world.

He made the call at the Annual Papaye Our Day programme in Accra.

He said the event was an innovation of the organisation with the aim of promoting academic excellence within first cycle institutions in Accra and its environs.

“This event is formatted in a typical ‘Our Day’ of old fashion, where pupils are refreshed and given certificates and educational materials to enhance their schooling,” Mr Asiedu explained.

Excellence Awards

Mr Asiedu said the Papaye Excellence Awards was an event widely and warmly welcomed by schools to recognise students who had not only excelled in their academic pursuits, but also shown outstanding character.

Mr Samer  Kalmoni (left), General Services Manager, Papaye Fast Foods, interacting with some students of the Soul Clinic International School after the ceremony
Mr Samer Kalmoni (left), General Services Manager, Papaye Fast Foods, interacting with some students of the Soul Clinic International School after the ceremony

The excellence awards saw 810 brilliant and well-disciplined pupils from 30 schools from both the private and public sectors being awarded for their outstanding academic performances.

According to him, the first three pupils from class one to junior high school (JHS) three were awarded for their excellent academic achievements.


Mr Asiedu urged parents to regulate the use of electronic gadgets by their children.

“If this is not done, the gadgets would influence them negatively and take their minds off their studies, which will in turn derail their academic pursuits,” he said.

He also advised the pupils to study hard and also exhibit a sense of discipline in their academic pursuits.

He said this would equip them with the requisite knowledge and discipline for the future.


For his part, the Executive Chairman of Papaye Fast Foods, Dr Samir Kalmoni, said the selected students had something in common and added that they were the role models for the younger generation.

He expressed profound gratitude to the principals, professional and knowledgeable teachers for their concerted efforts to teach and groom the students with benevolent minds and caring hearts.

Dr Kalmoni also entreated parents to always pay attention to their children and create a warm and cordial environment for them to progress in not just their academic endeavours but their lives as well.

“Parents, let us note that we are central to our children’s motivation; therefore, let us be mindful of how we treat and relate to them,” he said.

He also charged the award winners to continue striving for excellence in their academic pursuits to make their parents and schools proud.

Government partnership

In a speech read on behalf of the Deputy Minister of Education in charge of Basic Schools, Mrs Barbara Asher Ayisi, she said the government was willing to partner the private sector to ensure that the needed support was provided to children to grow responsibly.

She, therefore, called on other corporate citizens to emulate what Papaye Fast Foods was doing to encourage and reward excellent performances among schoolchildren.