Heroic welcome for KETASCO NSMQ contestants

BY: Timothy Gobah
Mr Isaac Kofi Dzidzienyo (with mic), Headmaster of Ketasco,  introducing the contestants.
Mr Isaac Kofi Dzidzienyo (with mic), Headmaster of Ketasco, introducing the contestants.

Life in the sandy town of Keta, which was recently disorganised by the sea waves, returned to normal last Tuesday when the community marshalled members to give the contestants who represented Keta Senior High Technical School (KETASCO) in the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) a rousing welcome.

As early as 10 a.m., people of diverse backgrounds began to converge on the KETABUSCO Junction, about a kilometre from KETASCO, to welcome the stars.

After about 45 minutes’ walk amid singing and merry-making, the float arrived at KETASCO campus where a durbar of chiefs and people was held in their honour.

After the Headmaster of KETASCO, Mr Isaac Kofi Dzidzienyo, introduced the contestants to the gathering, the programme, which was entertaining and inspiring, was also interspersed with poetry recitals, cultural displays and songs, with touts of the credentials of the school.

The Chief of Dzelukope, Togbi Dzelu IV, lauded the team for the success chalked-up at the just-ended NSMQ.

"I am certain that our ancestors are jubilating with us today, wherever they may be”.

He said KETASCO had brought great joy to Anloland, the Volta and Oti regions and urged the students not to rest on their laurels but soar higher.

Togbi Dzelu, who is also an old student, presented certificates of honour, tablets and an undisclosed amount of money to each member of the team.

The headmaster of the school cited the current conducive learning atmosphere, discipline and hard work, on the part of both staff and students, as greatly responsible for the success chalked-up in the competition. Mr Dzidzienyo lauded the contributions of the old students towards the development of their alma mater, stressing that, "without these support, we will not have been where we are now".

The headmaster singled out a science teacher of KETASCO, Mr Isaac Boateng, for praise for also winning the World Teacher Award in Ghana.

Old students

Speaking on behalf of the old students, Mr Siegfried Sedziafa, lauded the team for "dismantling all opposition all the way to the finals".

"This they did in grand style, confounding and mesmerising the whole world by their exhibition of sheer academic brilliance, perhaps, never seen in the history of the competition," he said.

Keta Sea

Commenting on the destruction of Keta by the recent tidal waves , Mr Sedziafa said, "even as the sea eats our land today with reckless abandon, KETASCO will still remain the beacon of hope for generations yet unborn".