GIJ Lecturers publish groundbreaking research on Public Relations in Ghana
Mr. Noel Nutsugah (left) and Albert Anani-Bossman (PhD)

GIJ Lecturers publish groundbreaking research on Public Relations in Ghana

Mr. Noel Nutsugah and Albert Anani-Bossman (PhD), two lecturers at the Department of Public Relations in the Ghana Institute of Journalism, University of Media, Arts and Communication (UniMAC-GIJ), have made a significant contribution to the field of public relations with their recently published research. 


The duo conducted a comprehensive systematic literature review spanning over ten years, examining the state of public relations research in Ghana and offering insights into its evolution and future directions.

Titled "Development of Public Relations in Ghana: A systematic review," their research delves into various aspects of public relations studies within the Ghanaian context.

The scholars aimed to shed light on the growth and significance of public relations research while highlighting the existing gaps that hinder professional practice.

Mr. Nutsugah and Dr. Anani-Bossman's study covers a wide range of topics, including the limited presence of public relations scholarship from an African perspective in global conversations. 

They also address the dominance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and CSR Communication in the field, as well as the need for more research in areas such as Sports PR, Digital PR, PR in Oil and Gas, and Crisis Communication. 

The researchers advocate for Ghanaian public relations scholars to contribute more to deepen the understanding of the field within their own context.

The research findings reveal the predominant use of theories such as the Excellence Theory, Dialogic Communication Theory, and Stakeholder Engagement Theory in Ghanaian public relations research. The authors suggest that scholars should develop their own theories to contextualize and enhance the relevance of public relations research in Ghana.

Additionally, the systematic review emphasizes the lack of research on public relations in Ghana's digital context, despite the rapid adoption of digital and social media platforms by organizations and individuals. Nutsugah and Anani-Bossman highlight the transformative impact of these tools and stress the importance of studying their influence on public relations practices, audience reach, relationship-building, and public opinion shaping.

The research also explores the challenges faced by the public relations industry in Ghana, including limited resources, inadequate infrastructure, and the need for continuous professional development opportunities. By identifying these obstacles, the authors aim to stimulate conversations and inspire initiatives to address these concerns and enhance the overall practice of public relations in the country.

The groundbreaking research conducted by Mr. Nutsugah and Dr. Anani-Bossman has been published in the oldest PR Journal globally, edited by renowned PR expert Prof Maureen Taylor. The journal, which is published by Elsevier, holds an A-rating from the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) and boasts an H-Index of 96 according to Scimago ranking.

This publication marks a significant milestone in advancing public relations research in Ghana. The insights provided by the authors serve as a valuable resource for academics, practitioners, and policymakers seeking to strengthen the profession within the country. The duo expressed their excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the field, hoping that their research will inspire further investigations, foster dialogue, and ultimately elevate the standards and best practices of public relations research in Ghana.

The full article is available for free download until the July 26, 2023, through the following link: [] .

After this date, access will be restricted to subscription only. For further inquiries, the authors can be contacted via email:

Noel Nutsugah: [email protected] 
Albert Anani-Bossman: [email protected] 

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