Your attitude in parenting

BY: Dr John Boakye
Time together helps you to understand their mood, abilities and temperaments.

According to Ghanaian tradition and culture, children are the most precious of possessions. Children are therefore the focus of marriage. 

Children enrich our lives and provide a lifetime of blessings and joy. Your children will take care of you in your old age and they also provide a line of a lineage.

In Ghana, children are status symbols. It is therefore not surprising that some see childless marriages as bad omen and prone to divorce.

Today, poverty, cultural shift, spiritual neglect, abuse, instability of the home, economic pressure, peer pressure, media and technology have made parenting the most challenging task in the world.

Parents have to provide the basic physical and spiritual needs of their children. You have to teach your children ethics and good relationships.

You have to direct their God-given talent to suitable careers. You have to teach discipline. God also commands you to leave a legacy for your children.
A critical ingredient in parenting is attitude because attitude is everything. Your attitude determines your altitude.
Attitude in parenting
Show love. A study done in an American hospital showed that children whose parents showed love to them recovered quickly. The love you show your children are far more important than the material possessions you give them.

Your love makes your children feel worthy and gives them a positive outlook to life. Love your children unconditionally. Say it, show it through warm facial expression, a kind tone, hug and engaging them in activities they enjoy doing.

Make time for your children. Never be too busy for your children. Take them as friends. The moments you share with them are the most potent factor in their development, attitude and behaviour.

Time together helps you to understand their mood, abilities and temperaments. Treat your children equally. Accept that each child is unique. Never reveal your favourite child to anyone.

Set good examples. You are the primary role model to your children. They do what you do and acquire values of life from you. In everything, you do you teach your children.

Your actions more than your words are what your children grow by. This means if you want your chidden to live a good life do the same. If you do not want your chidden to lie, do not lie.

Show positive encouragement. Children thrive on encouragement because it promotes good behaviour. Each day finds something good your children do and praise them.

Show appreciation for every little thing they do. If you focus on their positives, they get motivated and improve on their weaknesses. Your positive words will promote their happiness.

Work as a team. Parenting is teamwork. Children need the unique abilities of both mother and father for their holistic development.

Be firm and consistent. Children are naturally rebellious and need rules to live by. Set clear child-friendly rules with their consequences so that your children learn discipline.

The primary responsibility of administering discipline rests with the head, the father. A mother is a helpmate who disciplines by delegated authority.

Make time for yourself. You can be good parents when you are good spouses. Find time to connect with your spouse. A wife must remember when a man marries he still needs a mother- like love from his wife.
If you neglect your husband and put all the focus on your children, you make your husband jealous and he finds ways to vent his frustration on you and the children.

Build your children in the Lord. God demands to receive glory in your children. Do not force rather encourage your children to be spiritual. The best way is to know the word of God and live it.

Establish family devotional times each day. Pray for and with your children because God uses your prayers to care for your children.
Your attitude in parenting (JB)
When God gives us children He makes us stewards – caretakers and caregivers. We will account for what we do with our children,

See your children as God’s best gifts for you and never compare them with those you perceive to be better. Your challenge is to take good care of your children.

Thank God for your chidden and see parenting as a form of worship, an important way to serve God by what you do for your children.

Remain a faithful steward as you care and nourish and train your children in unconditional love, to be useful to themselves, society and God. This can happen only when you have the attitude of service to God.

Strength of attitude becomes a strength of character. The future of your children depends on you. Only your godly attitude makes parenting a happy and successful experience.

Save your children and save your society with your godly attitude.

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