Transport operators make losses

BY: Blessing Aglago
Low patronage ahead of the Easter festivities

DRIVERS at some transport terminals in Accra have expressed concern about low patronage ahead of the Easter festivities.

In an interview with The Mirror last Monday, they were optimistic that travels would pick up as the celebration drew closer.

The General Manager of Circle JEON V.I.P Transport in Accra, Frimpong Manso, explained that the rapid rise in fuel prices, lubricants, spare parts, and tyres had compelled transport operators to increase transport fares by 15 per cent.

“Travelling so far is below average. The long distance travels have dropped drastically and the short falls of travel can be attributed to the Ramadan. But that of 2022 has been so far worse as compared to the previous year’s. Unfortunately, passengers consider how much they can afford instead of their safety,” he stated.

The General Manager of O A Travel and Tours in Accra, Michael Owusu, said some transport operators were running at losses since travelling had not been encouraging.

“For instance, our buses are scheduled to leave at 7.30 a.m. but it doesn’t get full; yet, we still have to set off. Returning the passenger’s money is also not advisable,” he said.

The Branch Manager of Gh Express Transport Terminal, Flaubert Boedu, said the past few days had not been any different from normal days and business had been very slow.

“We are hoping for the best in the subsequent days since most passengers prefer to travel during peak hours,” he said.

Some passengers The Mirror interacted with at the VIP transport terminal said the low patronage had caused delays at the transport terminals.

A tiler in Accra, Yao Opoku, who was travelling to Bogoso to spend Easter with his family, said “I am always happy whenever am going home. I pray to meet my parents and other family members in good health so that we dine together and have fun.”

Another passenger, Abraham Addae, who was travelling to the North to mark the Easter, said he was not anticipating anything new at home but to meet loved ones in good health.