Sedem, Selorm Agboli: Twin-ing’ in the world of science

BY: Hadiza Nuhhu-Billa Quansah

Sedem and Selorm Agboli are identical twins who have loved to do everything together from  infancy to date; the bond seems not to be waning.

Even as adults, they bath, eat, share the same bed and hobbies
They go everywhere together dressed in same clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.

The only thing that sees them in a separate field is their professions. Sedem who is the first twin is a pharmacist and Selorm, the second twin is a medical doctor.

In an interview with The Mirror in Accra last Wednesday, it was difficult to tell the difference between the twins. In fact, it becomes extra difficult when both wear face masks and have the same hairstyle.

The two admitted that it was always a big challenge for people to identify them. According to Sedem, any time she visits her sister at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra people mistake her for Selorm. Same it is for Selorm whenever she is in town alone.

The only time the two went their separate ways physically was when one had to go to the medical school. According to them, the first week of Selorm’s relocation from Legon to Korle Bu was a big blow to Sedem who felt her sister and best friend had left her therefore she cried for weeks until she got used to the situation. They called each other on the phone everyday many times just to keep their bond.
Today, they are all out of school enjoying each other’s company as they always wish.

Growing up
The identical twins were born to Mr Theophilus Kwame Agboli and Ms Regina Agenziya who come from Have in the Volta Region and Namoo in the Bongo District in the Upper East Region respectively. They have two biological brothers Alex and Selassie. They grew up in the same home with their cousin,Andy .

Their father is a Principal Researcher at the Language Centre at the University of Ghana, Legon; as a result, they were brought up on campus. They had their primary education at the University Basic School at Legon and proceeded to the Achimota School for their secondary education.


According to them, they were both day students but were affiliated to Slessor House at Achimota School.
“In Achimota School we both pursued science and were in the same class therefore, it was sometimes difficult for some of our colleagues to tell the difference. However, those who were closer to us were able to differentiate between the two of us when necessary,” they both smiled.

Career paths
Asked why they decided to go into separate professions they explained that “we never felt like doing things separately even though we wanted to diversify. We needed to be in the same field. We both did science and wanted to pursue different careers while maintaining our backgrounds. As a result, we went in for Medical Science and Pharmacy and so far it has been an interesting journey.”
Selorm started her medical career in 2015 and completed in 2021. She is currently expecting her posting to enable her to start her housemanship.

Housemanship is a period of training in an approved hospital or institution by a practitioner who has completed basic medical or dental training in a recognised institution or university.
She is ready to accept posting to any hospital to start her housemanship. “I wish I could start with Korle Bu Teaching Hospital then later do the district hospitals.”

According to Selorm, she has interest in public health, reproductive and children's health. “At medical school, you do Public Health, Psychiatry, Surgeries, Pediatrics, among others. However, I seem to like Public Health. Public Health is important because it aids and prolongs life. Through the prevention of health issues, individuals can spend more of their years in good health,” she explained.

Sedem ,the pharmacist ,started practicing officially this year after successfully completing her professional examinations in November 2020.
“I started my three month internship at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra. That was my first hospital exposure. Then went back to campus as a teaching assistant for six months at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology). Afterwards, I went on another three months attachment to a community pharmacy by name C.S Allot Pharmacy at Haatso in Accra,” she stated.

Sedem is currently a medical sales representative with PharmaSymbiosis Limited at Dzorwulu in Accra. “Our aim is to bridge the gap in health care in Africa and provide world-class pharmaceutical care to people in Africa. We partner international organisations and are located in 20 African countries.” Their terriary education was sponsored by the Founder and Leader of the Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana, Apostle Dr Ing. Kwadwo Safo.

Passion for fashion
The twins love fashion to the extent that they are now doing beading on a commercial basis for people on their weddings, engagement, birthdays and other big events where people want to appear in something creatively done with style.

“Fashion is inherent to us. Since our teenage days, we used to sketch our own clothes and give it to a tailor to sew for us. We love to go out looking very good therefore we always try to customise our clothes. Even when we buy ready to wear dresses, we would go a step further to enhance it by adding some beads, sequence and other ornaments to stand out.”

According to them, as their clothes attracted their friends and colleagues, they started getting requests to create some for them and other clients.

“While Selorm was at the medical school, she had a rather tight schedule. Therefore, I had to stand in and do all the work we had from our clients. For us, deadlines are crucial so we try our best not to disappoint any client. Therefore, if the situation demands that a client might not have her beaded work done within the stipulated time, we call ahead of time to explain things to the client to understand and deliver on the agreed date and time,” Sedam stated.

Sedem and Selorm say they have found themselves a new sport that is swimming and playing lawn tennis. “While in school , we didn’t participate in any active sports therefore, we decided to take these two hobbies to unwind whenever we are not busy with work.”
The two who are single hope to also have identical twins like them some day.