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Romantic Val’s Day ideas

Romantic Val’s Day ideas

Maybe you just started dating someone, or you’ve been together for several months, you want to do something special for your partner but you do not really know what to do.

Your woman will not listen to your excuse because what Valentine’s Day is really all about is connecting or reconnecting with your partner.


Try any of these ideas to create a perfectly romantic, special valentine that both of you will remember:

Have a picnic in your living room: You can create a picnic in your own home. Make it romantic by spreading a blanket across the floor surrounded by candles and flowers.

Buy a traditional picnic basket and place it in the middle of the blanket to surprise your partner. The basket must have finger foods like sandwiches, chocolates and wine.

Plan a spa day @ home: Create a spa day for you and your significant other in your own home. So clean your house and make it special by buying slippers and a luxurious robe.

Tell them that tonight is all about them and you’ll take care of everything. Start by drawing a hot bath with essential oils, bath salts or rose petals.

Watch the sunset together: Go for a romantic walk outside together. Hold each other tight as you watch the sunset over the horizon and enjoy the simplicity of the moment.

Pretend you’re at a five-star hotel: Order take-in, or make an amazing dinner and put it in store-bought Chinese take-out containers. Buy a really good bottle of wine.

Hang out in bathrobes, put on an awesome playlist. Pretend you’re at a luxury hotel and have fun with this!

Play truth or dare: Feel like you know everything about your partner or you never have anything to say to one another anymore?

Play a little game of truth or dare with a bottle of wine on hand. Use the questions to get to know one another on a deeper level.

Have a wine tasting night for two: Re-create a wine tasting for two in the comfort of your own home.

Go to a great wine store and ask for help picking out 3-5 good bottles of wine that would give you some variety for a tasting.

Ask what foods pair nicely with the different wines and show off your knowledge by staging a wine tasting for your lover at home. Set the mood and make it as romantic as possible.

Turn your bedroom into a romantic getaway.: Transform your ordinary bedroom into an environment that feels sexy, inviting and relaxing. Your partner will love this!

Clean the room from top to bottom, buy new luxury sheets or an entire fresh bedding set, put flowers in a gorgeous vase and stage candles strategically.

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