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Making you happy: 5 Things he should know

Making you happy: 5 Things he should know

You always hear that women are impossible to ‘get’. I think the opposite. I think they are easy to understand…AND…easy to please.


I didn’t always know that. Like most men, I used to view women as beautiful, exotic creatures that are unpredictable and impossible to figure out. I wasn’t doing the math.

When guys don’t address the basics, women get complicated quickly. It’s all about the layers.

Here are five tips for your man that might help him keep you happy and your relationship on course, Guy’s Guy style.

We’re talking to HIM here, so share them, ladies, and you might see a change for the better.

• Clean Up Your Act: Regardless of how tidy a woman may or may not be, she’s delighted when a man keeps his crib, car, clothes and body squeaky clean and smelling good.

Special attention is required for the refrigerator, sink, and especially the bathroom. She’ll notice.

Keeping clean is a positive way to live and it will help guys score a check plus on the first date and beyond. It may also up his chances at her wanting to see if his sheets are clean, also.

Once into a relationship, guys need to set the bar high. It’s got to be done anyway and she’ll notice.

• Be Proactive: If a woman has to keep drilling a guy about doing every little thing that’s expected, he’ll remain in her doghouse.

It’s critical for men to take care of things on their own without having to be asked a million times. No one wants to be a nag, but she’ll seem like one if he doesn’t think ahead.

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Want to avoid “the talk”? Anticipate a woman’s needs and address them. Surprise her with flowers, cook her a tasty meal, order tickets for that play she wanted to see, etc. It all comes down to…

• Paying Attention: Yep, I’ve said it again, and I still mess up. Guys have to stop thinking about themselves 24/7 and show more consideration for the one who keeps them happy.

When they don’t, things get tricky and guys hear about it at the most inopportune times.

• Tell Her How You Feel: When something’s wrong with a relationship, guys often choose one of two courses of action. They do something about it or they leave.

I’m not suggesting men are well adjusted in this area, but it’s usually how we roll. We’re not very good at addressing relationship issues. We try to fix things instead of discussing what’s wrong, the way women do.

Men can work wonders if they listen with an open mind and express how they feel at the appropriate time. That’s not too much to ask.

• Sex: I’m not going into details, but women reward men who are creative, romantic and aim to please their partner. It’s that simple.

There are lots more ways for men to keep their relationships on course, but mostly it comes down to mutual love and respect.

Men and women want the same things. They just have different ways of expressing themselves. But, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? It would be a drag if everyone were the same.


Does your guy do what it takes to keep you happy? We women, of course, have to do our part to keep our men happy, too.

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