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How too much texting can be detrimental to your relationship

How too much texting can be detrimental to your relationship

Texting has become a convenient way to reach the people you love or are trying to love with minimal effort.

The medium gets knocked a lot for it's replacing our nostalgic hours of phone conversations back in the 90s, early 2000s, but texting is a time saver–and with the introduction of gifs and emojis we are able to be more expressive with our messages more than ever before.


But even with these add ons, is texting such a lean way of communicating that it’s destroying our ability to have rich conversations?

“Texting is subjective,” matchmaking and dating expert Stef Safran told Elite Daily. “For some people, they might prefer to text over talking because they are not phone people. For others texting is a way to keep things less emotional and intimate.”

But there is a fine line between using it for convenience versus using it as your go-to form of communicating in a relationship.

“You should be making sure that you are not depending on text as the main form of communication, as texts can often be misconstrued,” Safran said.

“Couples should agree that when dealing with more serious problems and issues, that texting is off limits. It may be easy to press ‘send’ but it also can have some serious consequences.”

Of course, each couple will have to decide what that line and balance looks like for themselves. There is a difference between a “Can you take the chicken out of the refrigerator?” text and a “I feel you aren’t showing me the same amount of love like you used to,” text.

“Everything comes down to communication,” Safran said. “You have to communicate your needs to your partner. If they refuse to listen (literally) and continue to communicate in a way that only works for them, then the relationship isn’t going to be comfortable.”


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