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 Students who went on a blind date had wildly different ideas how it went

Students who went on a blind date had wildly different ideas how it went

Blind dates are a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it (usually the latter).

Usually, though, both dates have a similar idea of how it went.

Two University of Newcastle students who had been set up soon learned that their idea of the evening was pretty different to one another when it was published in the student newspaper, The Courier.

Danny Tapper and Sophia Kypriotis both agreed that they weren’t compatible but while Danny’s account sounded cordial, Sophia’s was a bit more politically charged.

 He wrote: ‘I thought she was a nice person and easy to talk to. I think there was just nothing romantic there though.’

 While Sophia wrote: ‘We definitely won’t be meeting again. I was shocked at his archaic, sexist views.’

A picture of the university paper was shared on Twitter where others shared in the misery of the date which ended with Sophia saying: ‘He was a Tory and an anti-feminist’. ‘He called feminism “toxic” which allowed women to behave as “slags”.

 I found this very insulting and I was actually very offended.’ she continued. Though his views offended her, he reported that they spoke about politics without locking horns.


In his account, he said: ‘We were both interested in politics and started talking about it and found that we had quite different views.

I think the fact that we were both into politics meant that we talked about it but it was more of a discussion than clashing.’

 Her version went: ‘I really don’t like to talk politics when I’ve just met someone and stayed as calm as I could and tried to educate him on his rather misogynistic views.

 ‘I want to say it was a matter of ignorance and I don’t think he is a bad person but his views certainly are not okay by any stress.

‘I think it was pretty awful but he messaged me saying he had a pretty good time which I found confusing!’ The date ended when Sophia lied and said she’d arrived at her house which was actually her friend’s.

 For the blind date roundup, which was part of a feature for the paper, the pair were asked what alcoholic drink the other would be.

Danny suggested a vodka shot which he doesn’t love but doesn’t hate either.

Sophia simply wrote: ‘Probably a piña colada. Unsophisticated and a bit embarrassing.’ Ouch.

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