Couple appeal for funds for honeymoon on social media

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Sam and Sarah claim they were bitten by bugs
Sam and Sarah claim they were bitten by bugs

Sarah Davey, 34 and Sam Davey, 30, claimed their first romantic getaway was ruined when their Fawlty Towers style hotel was infested with bugs.

Turning to “Go Fund Me”, the couple attempted to raise £300 before deactivating the page just days later when they only managed to scrape together £65 in donations.

Sarah and Sam had originally planned to stay in Trecarn Hotel in Torquay, Devon, for a week, but left after the second night because they said they had been badly bitten by fleas in their bed.

The couple wrote on a Go Fund Me donation page, that “the room was dirty, there were hairs in their bed and my husband has been bitten all over his body by fleas and after numerous complaints nothing was done about it.’

After complaining to the manager Mr and Mrs Davey were given a partial refund of £80 - which was given to them in £1 coins.

They then turned to the public for help to celebrate their honeymoon again but were subjected to hundreds of comments slamming the couple for begging for a holiday.

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The fund raising page said the appeal is no longer active despite the total falling well short of their £300 target with just £65 being donated.

The couple claimed they had suffered the honeymoon from hell in a Torquay hotel they dubbed ‘Faulty Towers'.

Instead of a night of luxury and passion, they say they were eaten alive by bugs, greeted with food on the floor and an unwashed bath.