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Are you attracted to same sex?

Are you attracted to same sex?

Recently, there was a news report about a young Ghanaian man who had wedded an ‘oburoni’ or white man. This Ghanaian attended Achimota School.


In fact, he was one of my top class chemistry students who, through exemplary character and good qualities, rose to be the senior prefect of the school and later obtained graduate degrees in some of the most prestigious institutions in the United States of America.

His decision to marry a fellow man was, therefore, a shock to many, especially the Akoras or old students of Achimota School. Many still wonder why he took that decision.

Fact is homosexuality is not new. The first recorded history of homosexuality was made in ancient Egypt some 2200 BC when two men lived as a couple.

Today the world has become a global village and we have become vulnerable to lifestyles such as homosexuality which is alien and even a taboo to our cultural and traditional practices.

Studies show that same sex relationship is increasing in Ghana and everywhere in the world. The situation cuts across the social spectrum; from bishops, lawmakers to young students.

Why same sex relationship?

The exact causes of homosexuality are not known. However, three factors may predispose a person to homosexuality. These are biological, psychological and socio-cultural factors. The bottom line is that homosexually is basically a choice. 

This means homosexuals are not born; they are made by choice. The genetic factor is said to play a minor role because twins who have a close genetic make-up may have different orientations.

Is same sex relationship right?

The 1992 Constitution of Ghana, for example, gives every Ghanaian his basic human rights –  the right to be protected, right to freedom of choice, liberty, thought and expression.

Therefore, as long as two adults engage in a homosexual act and do not infringe on the right of others, they are deemed not to have caused any offence. No one must be deprived of his liberty.

Today, many are calling for homosexuality to be legalised. The US and Ireland have legalised homosexuality.

Some donor countries are even threatening to withdraw assistance to poor countries that do not legalise homosexuality.

They argue that denying homosexuals the legal right to marry means denying them their fundamental right.

The state, however, appears to agree with St. Paul that ‘‘everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.’’ Homosexuality will not be beneficial to the society.

The state in her wisdom, therefore, refuses to legalise homosexuality despite social pressure to do so.

 Homosexuals are human beings made in the image of God. God loves homosexuals but hates their homosexual acts.

Pope John Paul refuses to condemn them. We must, therefore, recognise the challenges of homosexuals, not condemn them.

Instead, we must counsel them by helping them to develop a will to get out of homosexuality into a life that honours them, society and God.

Are you attracted to the same sex?

If you are attracted to the same sex, you are not alone and it may not be your fault. Admit what you feel but believe you have the capacity to overcome it. Nothing can happen to you except what you put in your mind.

Same-sex relationship was not known in Ghana until recently. Our parents simply never thought about it. They simply suppressed all negative feelings. We can also do the same.


Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have for your success or failure in life. This internal conversation has tremendous impact on how you feel or behave.

What you put on your mind is like placing an order in a restaurant  – it comes just as you ordered.  A decision to stay out of homosexuality is all you need to live straight.

God in his wisdom made us male and female and called us into a relationship pleasing to him. He gave specific body parts to a man and a woman and commanded them to multiply.

Sexual activity must, therefore, be restricted to a man and a woman. It is only in a man and woman relationship that human beings can uphold our human culture in the transmission of life through natural reproduction. 


There can never be a true and better relationship outside the communion of man and woman.

Be natural and obey your Maker’s call into male-female relationship. He has established and blessed you.

The advice is simple: say no to same sex relationships.

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