Ten Crazy beauty treatments

BY: Arku Jasmine


How far would you go for beauty? Would you be willing to bathe in milk or put raw eggs on your hair? How about letting a snail crawl around on your face as a part of a facial? (Oh yeah, there are women who have done it!)

The best beauty treatments often come from the most surprising places – and apparently women around the world are down to try just about anything when it comes to the quest for eternal beauty. From the intriguing to the disgusting, here are 10 crazy beauty treatments that will supposedly give you an instant injection of hotness!

1. Milk Really Does Do a Body Good!
Bathing in milk is a timeless beauty ritual. In fact, Cleopatra was said to have an exhaustive beauty regimen that included bathing in donkey's milk infused with rose petals and honey (we'll take the rose petals and skip the honey – too sticky!).

Experts say the natural lactic acid found in milk is a form of alpha hydroxyl acid, which is often found in high-end exfoliating products. Looking for younger, fresher skin? Try bathing in dry powdered milk and hot water!

2. A Brush with Beauty
Speaking of exfoliation, many spas are now offering an exfoliation treatment that involves having your entire body brushed with big, scratchy brushes that look like horse grooming instruments!

Daisy White, an author in London, just had the treatment done recently and says it helped her brush up on her beauty regime! "I was really worried about the brushing on my sensitive face, but it was total bliss," White said. "Even my lips got 'brushed'! The whole thing lasted about an hour, and I fell asleep, which I never do during treatments. My face felt softer, and my whole complexion glowed."

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3. Olive Oil: Liquid Gold for Your Skin
The ancient Greeks may have been known for their famous philosophers, like Plato and Socrates, but we should also be looking to them for their beauty regime! The Greeks were said to use extra virgin olive oil as a natural, hypoallergenic way to moisturize skin. And since olive oil contains vitamins A and E, this tasty condiment can work wonders for your skin, but also your hair and nails.

Stay just a little damp after you get out of the shower and then rub a small amount of olive oil into your skin. You'll supposedly be left with well-moisturized skin that gives off a gorgeous shimmer.

4. A Good Egg… for Your Hair

Which came first, the great hair or the egg? Apparently, it was the egg! Beauty experts say putting raw egg on your hair is an excellent way to condition your locks, or even add body and volume, although, it may not be the classiest of beauty treatments.

"Mom had a hair treatment consisting of one raw egg and mayonnaise," says comedian Neven Gibbs. "Every once in a while I would come home and she would have slathered my dad's hair with it. It seemed ridiculous!"

5. Stop the Itch… and the Puffy Eyes?!
You probably know Preparation H is used for treating hemorrhoids (here's hoping you've never had to actually use it for that reason)! However, some say it can also be used to fight wrinkles and relieve puffy eyes as well. Although, we've been told this regime may be more myth than fact! Here's why…

Some claim that Preparation H has the power to constrict your capillaries, and maybe even temporarily reduce dark circles and puffy eyes. However, many individuals report irritation and burning when trying it out. Bottom line? We suggest you just stick to good ‘ol cucumber slices and some heavy-duty eyeliner when your eyes need a little pick-me-up!

6. Slow & Slimy Wins the Race
Adding to the growing list of bizarre beauty treatments women are willing to try for the sake of youth and beauty is the snail facial. The snail facial, as the name might suggest, essentially involves letting a snail crawl around your face… seriously!

"In doing so, the snail deposits a mucus secretion that is high in protein, which is good for stimulating collagen formation," says Donna Spangler, a beauty and fitness expert in Hollywood. "The overall effect of the procedure is meant to decrease the damage caused by free radicals that, over time, lead to wrinkles and a loss in skin elasticity."

7. Sting Like a Bee, Look as Beautiful as a Butterfly?
Bee venom facials were originally brought into the spotlight by Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. This treatment, typically applied as a mask, is said to tighten your mug for a beautiful result!

"This treatment is touted as the natural alternative to Botox," says makeup artist Margina Dennis. "Bee venom has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The mask firms, tightens and lifts the skin, reducing wrinkles." We're just happy we don't have to let actual bees near our face!

8. The Black Sheep of the Beauty
Industry Desperate for a refreshed and rejuvenated look, some women are turning to sheep placenta facials for younger, fresher looking skin. Yes, you read that correctly, they are putting sheep placenta on their face!

"Full of growth hormones and amino acids, sheep placenta helps to regulate oil secretion and promotes collagen production in the skin which tightens and firms it," says Dennis. Sounds like it could work, but there's a reason we're calling this one the "black sheep of the beauty industry!"

9. Get a New Leech on Life
"Leech therapy" is a facial treatment where women let leeches crawl up and down their faces, allowing the bloodsuckers to feast on their blood in hopes of detoxifying their skin. Boasted as a non-surgical facelift, Dennis tells us this bizarre treatment is a two-step process.

"First you allow leeches to removes some of the client's blood on another area of the body," explains Dennis. "And then the blood is expressed from the leech, which becomes a leech/blood mixture. You then spread that mixture on the face for 20 minutes. The results are brighter, tighter and smoother skin."

10. Right Turn Only

As strange as it sounds, Veronica Grey, a "life extension expert," says women in search of eternal youth should never turn left while walking. Grey says electrons revolve around an atom randomly, and that it is only when that atom begins to decompose – or ‘age' – that these random electrons very decidedly start rotating in a leftward motion. In her opinion, all counter-clockwise movement is in the direction of aging, and therefore causes you to age!

"There are folks in our Eternal Youth Empire that have lived over a decade literally without ever turning left," says Grey. "If they have to head in the leftward direction, they instead make a 270 degree turn to the right which eventually gets one facing leftward."

Source: Galtime.com