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Tue, Aug

Skipping vacations can ruin your career

New ideas, new goals and new ways of thinking can stem from the relaxation you take

Giving employees the time they need to rest, enjoy life and return to work rejuvenated can produce massive benefits for companies. 

When employees plan holidays, family and friends getaways, those getaways are a smart move for companies because taking breaks or time off brings employees back refreshed, happier and healthier — and that leads to increased productivity.

Here is why, as an employee, taking time off can be the best thing for your career

New experience

Living life to the fullest and having a new experience outside of work can help you see things from a new perspective. Creativity thrives when you are put into new environments to explore the world and interact with people you would not normally meet. 

You can take your experiences and bring them back to work. New ideas, new goals and new ways of thinking can stem from the relaxation you take.


When you take time off, you come back more productive. Even utilising 30 seconds or five minutes to take a few deep breaths can give you new motivation to get things done. 

When you take time off, you will be more focused and work harder for shorter periods of time. It is not the length of time you work, it is the amount of time you stay focused and productive.

Life outside of work

Work can consume you and take up most of your time. If you socialise only with people from work, you limit your ability to connect with others and try new things. 

People who find a healthy work-life balance can get more work done, and be happier while doing it.

Stress free

Too much time with that annoying employee can stress you out. 

Instead of getting angry, or having a panic attack, taking a break to think about things from a new perspective and take some time away can make you more understanding and appreciate how good you have got it. 

That employee won't seem that bad when you spend some time away from him, and with yourself and your family and friends.

Don’t overwork yourself 

According to research, for each additional 10 hours of vacation employees took, their performance reviews from supervisors were eight per cent higher the following year and, those who worked more than 55 hours per week had poor cognitive function when compared to those who worked 35 to 40 hours. 

Clearly, studies are telling you that some time off can help you work better and get better reviews.


Going on a vacation does not only help de-stress you, but also increase the country’s tax revenues. If workers used all of their available paid time off on vacations, that gain alone would support millions of jobs, spanning from every industry in the country. 

Does not that make you want to take a vacation?