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From straw to smart: Exploring high-tech beds
This bed was designed to have everything you will need to relax within your bed frame

From straw to smart: Exploring high-tech beds

The evolution of beds has been a long and fascinating journey, reflecting changes in culture, technology and human comfort.


The days of the straw beds are gone and people are spending fortunes to get luxury beds for their homes.

Interestingly, modern-day beds have seen various designs and technological advancements to enhance comfort, convenience and overall sleeping experience. These days when you visit showrooms that deal with home furnishing, you would realise beds have moved beyond a mere wooden item and the roadside carpenters are equally learning fast to join in the new enhancements.

This smart bed has an integrated reclining massage chair with a remote, bookshelf, work station, reading lamp and a foot-stool

The good news is that one bed can have a storage compartment for clothes, in-built convertible chairs, a play area for children with music box and television set all attached to it.

Here are some trends and features that were prevalent in modern beds when this reporter visited some of the showrooms in Accra.

Leather bed frame with a massager and built-in Bluetooth speaker

Adjustable beds: These beds allow users to adjust the angle and position of the head and feet using remote controls. They're beneficial for people with specific medical conditions, as well as those who prefer to read, watch TV, or work on their laptops in bed.

Memory foam and hybrid mattresses: Memory foam mattresses contour to the body's shape, providing excellent support and comfort. Hybrid mattresses combine memory foam with innerspring coils for improved breathability and support.

Memory foam and hybrid mattresses

Smart beds: Some beds come equipped with technology like built-in speakers, USB ports, wireless charging and app-controlled features. These smart beds aim to enhance convenience and connectivity.

Sleep tracking: Certain mattresses and bed accessories offer sleep tracking capabilities. They can monitor sleep patterns, heart rate and breathing, providing insights into sleep quality and potential areas for improvement.

Cooling technologies: Many modern mattresses include cooling features such as gel-infused memory foam, breathable materials, and phase-change materials to regulate temperature and prevent overheating during sleep.

 Ergonomic designed bed

Ergonomic designs: These are beds designed with ergonomic principles in mind aimed at providing optimal spinal alignment and pressure relief.

Experts say these designs can help alleviate discomfort and promote better sleep posture.

Natural and sustainable materials: With a growing emphasis on sustainability, some beds are made from organic or eco-friendly materials, such as natural latex, organic cotton and sustainable wood.

. An adult Lamborghini bed with a password-protected safe box to store most precious belongings

Minimalist aesthetics: Modern beds often feature sleek and minimalist designs, with clean lines and neutral colours that fit well in contemporary bedrooms.

This type of beds are often used by most of the hotels.

Storage solutions: Some bed designs incorporate storage options, such as built-in drawers or lift-up platforms, maximising space utilisation in smaller bedrooms.Customised bed for girls with storage and slides

This design means you don’t need to have a wardrobe/closet since your bed can serve the same purpose.

Customisation: Many manufacturers offer options for customisation, allowing customers to choose the mattress firmness, materials, and other features to suit their preferences.

Customised bed for children

Bed-in-a-box: The bed-in-a-box concept involves compressing and packaging mattresses for easy shipping and delivery. Once opened, these mattresses expand to their full size.

Luxury and high-end beds: Luxury beds often feature high-quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. These beds provide an opulent sleeping experience.

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