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Bentsifi’s Tattle - THE KITCHEN

Bentsifi’s Tattle - THE KITCHEN

If there's one subject I am fascinated with, it's food. I'm sure you know by now. I'm interested in everything about food, from how it is farmed, to its harvesting, the preparation of dishes and the preservation of produce.


I am fascinated by how a little seed, planted in soil, and nurtured, can so grow and rapidly multiply and bring sustenance to mankind! I am excited about how the germination of plants is cyclical, with nature ever offering itself to renew us. 

Food is so universally important that, we cannot not like it, and seek ways to ensure its security and recurrence. And also, how its various applications in the variety of recipes we have from the different regions of the world show how diverse we are as people, and yet how united we are when it comes to sustaining life! 

One of the organisations that work to sustain food in Ghana that is also one that I love, is the Ghana Food Movement (GFM). If you recall, I shared stories from a couple of trips I made with them to a cashew farm in the Volta Region as well as another to Odumase where Selassie Atadika of Midunu talked intimately about millet and its diverse uses. 

Anyway, I'll like to talk about a project they have embarked on which I think deserves applause. Such a remarkable idea! The establishment of an all-round food education hub in West Africa, by end of 2024.  They believe this is the missing link to solving Ghana’s major challenges, all under one roof.

THE KITCHEN, as it is known, will be a breeding ground for the next generations of change makers in food and agriculture in Ghana and West Africa. They aim to train, equip and support the youth to build a career in food. From gastronomy, product development, hospitality, as well as farming and marketing of local climate resilient crops!

Did you get that? The sustenance of our native climate resilient crops! This is so important. With developments in the nature of global warming and climate change, something that has already began affecting some regions of the world in a bad way, we need urgently to appreciate what it is that we have as people residing in this part of the world and nurture them. 

Not only that, the current system favouring imported unhealthy foods, which undermines local farmers, processors and food brands, causing youth unemployment rates to soar, and in particular, the lack of skilled service industry personnel can be addressed. 

This hub will have a fully equipped kitchen, lab, dining and co-working space. It will be the beating heart for the food community, serving as a meet-up, learn, co- work and event space.

Fund raising efforts undertaken by the GFM to bring this game changing solution hub to life has so far yielded enough to begin the construction of a building but need another £100,000 to fully equip the hub and start operations. I think you should support the Kitchen idea too. Find out more online at the GFM site.

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